Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Servants Partners with BHM to Rebuild Griffen School

Griffen Christian School is a BHM primary school that is comprised of approximately 435 children, grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  The school sits on the same site as the Conservative Baptist Church of Griffen. During the earthquake on January 12th the church and 2 classrooms were severely damaged. World Servants-Netherlands partnered with Baptist Haiti Mission to help rebuild the classrooms.
This World Servants group, composed of 24 young adults, was in Haiti for approximately 3 weeks, helping to rebuild the school.  During that time they also spent time learning about the Haitian culture and doing a children’s program with the local children.  Director of the school, Dubrèus Mossel, said that the rebuilding meant many things to him, the teachers, and the students.  He stated that, “After the earthquake the school was really ugly. We were wondering, “How can we change this?” It was mercy from God to have that part of the school rebuilt.” He also shared that, “The children really appreciate the presence of the people helping.”
The last day, World Servants threw a party for the children. The previous night the group made over 400 pancakes, which they passed out to the children. There was also singing and games. At the end of the day, World Servants did their traditional “official handover to the community.”   It was a time when many from the community came together with the World Servants group and shared all that God has done over the past 3 weeks as they had worked side by side together to rebuild the school.   A teacher from the Griffen School gave a speech giving his thanks.  World Servants also revealed the new mural on the side of the school.
We praise God for the great partnership between World Servants and the Griffen School.  God has answered the prayers of many in the Griffen community and provided a new school for them.
The classrooms when they were partially done.

Marjon, with some of children that attend Griffen school.
Headmaster Mossel, in the back and center, with some of the students.
It's game time! :)
The passing out of the pancakes.
Some of the team, finishing touches.
Hard at work, painting the mural.
The World Servants, in front of the finished classrooms.

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