Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 Houses in 1 Week!

Today was a day of celebration for 14 members from Highpoint Church in Thompson, Connecticut as they said their goodbye's and headed home.  Last Saturday afternoon this team composed of couples, families, and even in-laws landed in Haiti.  They came with a goal of building three houses for families who had lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake.  There mission was a success.

Josh George, pastor and leader of the Highpoint team, began his travels to Haiti while he was working for MFI (Missionary Flights International).  He loved his time working with MFI but he knew God was calling him to work on the ground with His people.  Since that time he has become an Associate Pastor and his love for the nations has overflowed into his congregation.

Highpoint church does two short-term trips a year.  Some of these trips have included Tanzania, Venezuela, and Kenya.  The trips typically consist of construction projects as the team engages the culture with the goal of making the name of Christ known.  As the team travels home today, we know that they will never forget the lessons they learned, and the stories they heard about how the gospel is impacting the people of Haiti.

One of the mothers from the work-site shared about how she came to know the Lord.  She said it was one year after the earthquake and there were some evangelists from a local church in the area.  She was intentionally keeping her distance.  Her child, however, was playing with a group of kids in the neighborhood.  After being asked for his mom, he immediately took the evangelists straight to her, she could hide no more.  She is so thankful for the encounter that completely changed her life.
Working alongside the Haitian translators, house builders, and families, the team members learned a great deal about the culture of Haiti.  Roger, a grandfather, said he was amazed when he saw the kids playing with a cut-up milk jug with lids attached to the bottle to make it into a car.

"I realized my grandchildren, and myself have a lot of 'wants' that are totally not necessary.  The people here are so happy and so content with what they have," said Roger.

Teenagers, Mitch and Jacob, were amazed by the work ethic of their Haitian brothers.  "We took at least 3 breaks during the day, the whole time the Haitians continued to work so hard.  It definitely challenged me to work harder," said Mitch.

"I am going home with a renewed perspective on how much I waste on a daily basis," said Mackenzie.  "I saw firsthand how important it is to conserve water, and take care of the things the Lord has given me."  
At the end of a very full week, the team members are excited to return home to family, friends, and a warm shower.  We are thankful for the work of Highpoint Church.  Several of the team members said they hoped to return to Haiti again. We eagerly wait to serve alongside them in the future.

Friday, April 13, 2012

He Reigns

Revelation 19:6, ...“Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns."

Listen to the song below as you read the post:

 Last Sunday the churches of Haiti celebrated the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!  They worshiped with hearts of thankfulness as they sang songs about the power of the Cross.  In a world of darkness, the name of Christ is making an eternal impact.  Below is a big picture reflection on the work of the Lord in Haiti:
Throughout the mountain regions of Haiti, young and old, take the time to invest in relationships.  They are not too hurried with schedules or tasks.  They send warm smile to those they meet and learn about those around them.  The Lord is working in the believers of Haiti as they invest in relationships others.

Many of the Pastors serve in physical as well as spiritual ways in the community.  The man in the overall's is an 80 year old Pastor who is working behind the church on a retaining wall with other members in his congregation.  It is our hope to see the church of Haiti reach outside their buildings structure and impact the community with the power of Christ.

Families are being reached as the name of Christ is being shared and proclaimed throughout Haiti.  The church has a mighty influence on the family.  Sunday School teachers and others are beginning to see the importance of influencing the younger generation with the Gospel.

BHM is happy to be a part of the work of the Lord in Haiti.  He is at work through the Church and we are honored to play yet a small part in His Kingdom.  Pray for the people of Haiti today.  Pray that they may not simply know the name of Jesus, but that they would know what it is to have a relationship with Him.  Remember the Church as a whole, and pray it continues to grow.  As a part of the many tribes and tongues around the world, may we join hands and sing, "Glory, glory, Hallelujah He Reigns!"

To find out more about how BHM is serving in Haiti visit our website,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Serving, Sweating, and Impacting Haiti

Saturday, March 31st, 80 students and adult leaders left the comforts of their homes in the U.S. and stepped off of a plane into the hot and crowded streets of Port-a-Prince.  For the past several days this group has worked tirelessly alongside the camp ministry of BHM.  Tomorrow morning as they board the plane to return to the U.S. it is safe to say, the hearts and lives of those returning will never be the same.

Over the summer of 2011 Crossings Ministries, a camp and retreat organization in Kentucky, announced to its participants that they were taking their passion for camp to Haiti.  After more than a year of planning and working, Crossings sent their first team down this week to serve alongside BHM.  

Missionaries, Chris & Kelli Lieb live on the BHM camp property in Montrouis.  They are training Haitian staff to run and operate camp for Haitian students.  The team from Crossings came to help strengthen this ministry, as well as work in the surrounding communities.  Each day was full of its own unique twists and turns.  The mornings began with students spending time in the Word to prepare for the many tasks of the day.  After breakfast it was off to work!

Don't miss the rock flying through the air!

The team worked tirelessly on the property with the desire to provide a wonderful facility for Haitian students when the summer arrives.  Students worked the shoreline scooping up sea urchins and other unwelcome creatures.  Others built a much needed retaining wall on the property.  They also spent hours sifting sand and preparing a volleyball court for future students.  It took hours of moving rock and preparing the grounds for the court.  It gave the students a true picture of why Haiti means mountains, there are plenty of rocks!

Students were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor on this brand new volleyball court.

In the afternoon the team traveled to churches associated with BHM to lead Vacation Bible Schools.  Over 100 kids were in attendance each afternoon.  The team was able to clearly present the gospel each day to the kids in attendance.  We praise the Lord for the power of His Word and its ability to change lives.  Several children in attendance at VBS gave their hearts to the Lord and  "crossed over from death to life," John 5:24.

Each day VBS was filled with love and laughter as those in attendance were shown the love of God in a real and practical way.  The team members loved all the smiles and hugs from the children.  In spite of high temperatures and language barriers, the energy level was extreme and it was a wonderful experience for everyone.

In the late afternoon the team returned to the camp property from VBS ready for a cool shower and dinner!  An evening worship service was held every night after dinner.  Haitian staff taught the team familiar worship songs in Creole.  Brent Gambrell, youth evangelist, who serves in Haiti on a regular basis, delivered the message each night.  Students were encouraged and challenged each evening in the worship service.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness over this past week.  The lives of many have been forever changed!  Pray for safe travels home tomorrow morning for all of the team members.  Pray the Lord will continue to work in their lives and increase their passion for the nations.  We here at BHM are thankful for the work of this team and look forward to serving alongside another Crossings team soon!