Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Pastor Erold, a Master's Student

Pastor Erold is a husband and father of two children and has been a pastor for 15 years.  He is currently the associate pastor of the Carrefour Feuilles Wesleyan Church of Haiti in Port-Au-Prince. He is the Vice President of the Southwestern District for 28 churches. Pastor Erold is also the National Treasurer for 3 posts. He originally obtained his Bachelor’s in Theology from the Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Port-Au-Prince.
Erold Pierre says he is, “very fond of his studies.” He says that, “in Haiti it is difficult to find a Master’s program.” The reason he loves this Master’s Program is because he is a Biblical teacher and is doing a Bible study in his church every Tuesday. He stated, “I think it is important for me to get more information and education so that I can give my church members better knowledge.” Also, he said that the Master’s program has shown him the difference between the secular vision and the Christian vision when it comes to education.
    Pastor Erold needs two more classes and to finish his Thesis to graduate. This cohort will find out Friday or Saturday the topic of their individual Thesis. He expects that it will be a lot of work, but is very happy about it. His favorite classes have been “Christian Worldview” and the one he is currently taking, “Classroom Assessment.”  When he completes his master's degree it is his dream to get his Doctorate in Theology.
We are praising God that we can, not only train leaders within the BHM affiliated churches, but other churches around Haiti.  God is doing a great work and it is encouraging to hear how He is working through the Master’s program.

Pastor Erold

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