Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update on Ronite's Surgery....

We praise the Lord, Ronite's surgery went extremely well! Beforehand she was scared and shed some tears, but the volunteers that are currently at the mission prayed with and encouraged her. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and the great news is that the doctor only had to amputate part of her big toe! He had remove a piece of bone and skin, but the majority of her toe remains. Ronite was found to be very happy about this and smiling after her operation. The plan is to keep her on antibiotics, control any pain, and have her remain in the hospital until she is completely healed. Praise be to God for this successful operation and the wonderful Haitian medical team!  And a big thank you to anyone who has prayed for this child of God!
Taken during Ronite's surgery

Ronite, all smiles after her surgery.  Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Asking prayer for Ronite

We are putting out an urgent prayer request for Ronite again; she is one of the hospital's former quake victims and a friend and sister in Christ to many people. Please pray for her in the days and weeks to come, especially tomorrow. After weeks of waiting and watching her foot, her most recent x-ray has shown that the infection in the bone of her toe has gotten worse. Ronite's surgery is a definite "go" for tomorrow. She will require amputation of her great toe and we are really hoping not more. Pray for her as she waits throughout today and tonight, for safety during her surgery, and for healing and comfort in the weeks to come. Thank you!
The most recent picture of Ronite, taken just last week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New home for the Derosier Family

Joseph Derosier is a farmer from the Griffen area of Haiti. He and his wife have been married for 13 years and they have 6 children ranging in age from 3 months to 13 years old.
The families home was badly destroyed as a result of the earthquake and they have been staying in a temporary shelter.  A few weeks ago, a team came from Alabama to help this family in need, to rebuild their home through Baptist Haiti Mission.  Working along side the Haitian workers this team was able to complete the Derosier's new home.
During this building project there were many displays of Christian love.  Madame Derosier was a wonderful hostess and served the group coffee several times through out the week. During the last day, a team member washed Mr. Derosier’s feet as a message of the servanthood of Jesus Christ and the continued servanthood he hopes will be displayed by this Haitian family. When the house was nearly completed, Joseph Derosier was caught with a big smile on his face. He stated, “I am very happy about my new house.” BHM praises God for the fact that we are able to serve this family by helping them to rebuild.

The temporary shelter the family was staying in.

The Derosier family in their new home when it was partially constructed.
Using teamwork to complete the outside of the house.
The process of sifting sand to mix with cement; the final product, concrete!
The workers putting the finishing touches on the new house.
An Alabama team member washing Mr. Derosier's feet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christ-filled Week of Master’s Class Wraps Up….

    Today, Saturday, marks the last day of the “Classroom Assessment” course that took place this week on the BHM campus. For the first 5 days the students focused directly on the assessment of the classroom. These past two days have been a seminar called “Introduction to Education Research” where they are taught how to properly and efficiently do a project. After each student has received a passing grade in “Classroom Assessment” the second cohort will be 3 more graduate credits closer to finishing their Master’s degree. We, at Baptist Haiti Mission, find this very exciting because of the focus on Christian education.
The class, Dr. Watson beginning to teach.

A view of the class from the front of the room.

The students praying before class begins.
BHM would like to especially thank Dr. James Watson, the professor who taught not only this week’s course, but others in the past.  This Master’s program is facilitated through Baptist Haiti Mission, but is completely based out of Flet University in Miami. It is a fully accredited curriculum. Dr. Watson stated, “It is always thrilling to see how engaged the Haitian students are to learn about Christian education. It is also great to view their excitement and how they look forward to applying Christian concepts in their schools and settings.” BHM is very blessed to be able to facilitate such a wonderful, Christ-filled opportunity. We praise God for Flet University, the professors, the students, and all the people behind the scenes that make the Master’s program a success. This is just one of many ways Baptist Haiti Mission is helping to share the love of Christ with the people of Haiti.
Dr. James Watson

Friday, September 24, 2010

Academic Principal Working Hard to Obtain Master’s….

Georges Odney Odeus is a young man enrolled in the Master’s program facilitated by BHM for a graduate degree in Education with a Christian focus. Georges is near the end of a week-long “Classroom Assessment” course on the BHM campus. He resides in Carrefour.  He has been filling in for 3 months as the Academic Principal of the Collège Educatif d’ Excellence de Mont-Rouis, a college associated with Life Connection Mission.
    Georges originally obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Education at the College Universitaire de Christianville. And now, at the age of 27, he expects to finish his Master’s degree in February 2011. He excitedly proclaims that “every class” in the program has been his “favorite.” He stated how this Master’s program at BHM has impacted his personal and professional life: “Christianville was a Christian school, but now I am getting an even bigger view and increasing my thinking about Christian education. This education is making me stronger in the way that I work.” When asked how he plans to use his Master’s degree, Georges said that he doesn’t plan on waiting until after he is finished; he plans on using it now. Georges has been and plans to continue to work with the teachers regarding integrating the Bible into education. This principal wants to “start small” and hopes to spread these Christian views on education far. His future dream is to obtain his Doctorate degree.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marc, Coordinator of an Education Department, Going for Master’s….

    Mr. Marc Antoine Vetty Koquillon is our “featured student of the day.” He is enrolled in this week’s “Classroom Assessment” course; like the other students, he is also working towards his Master’s in Education with a Christian focus. Marc is a 30-year old gentleman who lives in the Port-Au-Prince area. He originally obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Sèminaire de Thèologie Evangèlique de Port-Au-Prince. In the year 2000 Marc became a Trainer for the mission called Evangelical Union Baptist of Haiti (UEBH). From 2002 to 2006 he became responsible for the Public Relations at UEBH and then in 2006 and 2007 he was the General Secretary. In 2009 Marc was promoted to Executive Coordinator and recently became the Coordinator of the Youth Federation Association and the Coordinator of the Education Department. It is easy to see that a Christian-based Master’s degree would be very important for a person in such influential and authoritative positions.
    Marc feels that the Master’s program facilitated through BHM has already brought him “a lot of knowledge and skill.” He stated that, “It has made me more efficient in my task of Trainer and responsibilities of the Education Department. This education will make me more comfortable when it comes to the supervision and training of school teachers, principals, and administrators. It will help me to manage the school network.” Marc also said that because the program has a Christian focus it has changed his view on how to educate; he now describes it as a “Christian worldview.” In fact, his favorite classes have been “Christian Worldview, Supervision, and his current course, Classroom Assessment.” Marc plans on taking his new education and using the Christian principles learned in all aspects of his job.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isaac, Supervisor of Christian School, Working Towards Master's

Isaac Jean Wakenson is one of the younger students currently working on his Master’s degree in Education with a Christian focus. Like our featured student yesterday, he is also staying at BHM for the week and taking the course “Classroom Assessment.” At 30-years old he is not yet married and is living with his sister in Carrefour.  Isaac currently holds a position at a Christian school called Agapè du Seigneur, a primary school, as a Supervisor of the teachers. He has been in this position for one year. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Universitaire de Christianville.
    Isaac plans on having his Master’s degree completed by March. He says this is “if the Lord wills it.” The reason he chose the Master’s program facilitated by BHM is because he likes the “Christian” part of the program. Isaac really emphasizes this. He stated, “Before my school was given a Biblical name, but we never had Biblical studies.” He plans on taking the fundamentals he is learning and implementing this invaluable information at Agapè du Seigneur, to the staff and students. He wants to “teach them how to live like a Christian.” His favorite class, thus far, has been “Curriculum Development.”


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Pastor Erold, a Master's Student

Pastor Erold is a husband and father of two children and has been a pastor for 15 years.  He is currently the associate pastor of the Carrefour Feuilles Wesleyan Church of Haiti in Port-Au-Prince. He is the Vice President of the Southwestern District for 28 churches. Pastor Erold is also the National Treasurer for 3 posts. He originally obtained his Bachelor’s in Theology from the Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Port-Au-Prince.
Erold Pierre says he is, “very fond of his studies.” He says that, “in Haiti it is difficult to find a Master’s program.” The reason he loves this Master’s Program is because he is a Biblical teacher and is doing a Bible study in his church every Tuesday. He stated, “I think it is important for me to get more information and education so that I can give my church members better knowledge.” Also, he said that the Master’s program has shown him the difference between the secular vision and the Christian vision when it comes to education.
    Pastor Erold needs two more classes and to finish his Thesis to graduate. This cohort will find out Friday or Saturday the topic of their individual Thesis. He expects that it will be a lot of work, but is very happy about it. His favorite classes have been “Christian Worldview” and the one he is currently taking, “Classroom Assessment.”  When he completes his master's degree it is his dream to get his Doctorate in Theology.
We are praising God that we can, not only train leaders within the BHM affiliated churches, but other churches around Haiti.  God is doing a great work and it is encouraging to hear how He is working through the Master’s program.

Pastor Erold

Monday, September 20, 2010

Master's Class Begins

What a joy to see things like the Master's Class taking place again and students returning to continue with their studies in Christian Education.  God is so faithful and has allowed things like the Master's class to continue well even amongst all the relief work that is taking place. 

Pastor Solect is currently enrolled in the Master’s program facilitated through BHM; he is working toward a graduate degree in Education with a focus in Christian Education. Pastor Solect has his 2 years of graduate classes completed and is working on his Thesis to officially graduate. Some of his favorite classes in the Master’s program have been “Classroom Management” and “Classroom Assessment.” Pastor Solect shared how the Master’s class has affected his life: “Before the program we didn’t know much about Christian Education.  It’s not just about having a Bible class, but now I know you must have many aspects. A school must reflect the Christian worldview.” Pastor Solect hopes to finish his Thesis by December. He calls it, “The Christian Alternative to School Administration.” He would like to focus on the information regarding the Christian background of coordinators and principals. Pastor stated that he would like to “help them manage their schools well by focusing on the types of classes every principal should take to be good [effective].”
We at the Baptist Haiti Mission have been blessed to have Pastor Solect as the Superintendent of Education for the past 4 years and as a pastor for the past 10 years.  We pray that God will continue to use him in mighty ways.
Baptist Haiti Mission is currently facilitating a Master’s class this week with the second cohort of students. Today we wanted to share with you the story of Pastor Solect, a student from the first cohort that is on the verge of being finished. Each day this week we will be sharing an individual story of a student that is in the current cohort. Be sure to check the BHM blog everyday!

Pastor Solect

Friday, September 17, 2010

An Update on Ronite

For everyone who has been praying for Ronite, we wanted to let you that she did not have her surgery as expected on Thursday. The Orthopedic specialist did see her; he thought that her foot and leg itself looked improved. With the oral antibiotics the swelling has gone down; she has also been receiving routine dressing changes and the signs of infection outwardly have lessened. Unfortunately, her toe remains black and the primary concern is that she may have an infection in the bone of her great toe. Amputation is still a possibility. Ronite will wait in Hospital De Fermathe for another week and get a repeat x-ray on Thursday so that the specialist can compare it with her old x-ray; the decision will be made whether she will require amputation at this time. We ask that you please continue to lift Ronite up in your prayers during this period of prolonged waiting. Your prayer is powerful and we are confident that prayer has helped her thus far. We give thanks to God for her improved condition!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ronite Needs our Prayers and God's Healing

Ronite is an 18-year old girl who was severely injured in the earthquake when her school fell on her. She lay underneath the school for over 3 days before her family could get her out. As a result, she suffered  a very severe crush injury to her arm and leg. The injuries to her nerves and then problems with infection were so bad that she required 6 operations and a stay of over 6 months in the Hospital De Fermathe.  After going home in July, Ronite was fine for a few months, but recently returned with an open area to her large toe and a swollen foot and lower leg. The doctors tried antibiotics, but a week later her foot was only worse. Yesterday, Ronite found out that she has to have, at the very least, her great toe amputated. The doctor says it is gangrenous and we are completely unsure how far up he will have to amputate. Anybody that has come through on one of the volunteer medical teams knows Ronite; they know she is a quiet and sweet girl. From talking to Ronite, one quickly finds that she has a great love for Jesus Christ. In fact, when found underneath the rubble of her school, Ronite immediately began reciting Psalm 23. For weeks after she was discharged, she continued to call a nurse at BHM and ask for prayer regarding the fact that she could not fully use her injured arm and hand. Ronite has been through so much for a girl of her age, but she has been so strong and has had so much faith in God! Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday so she has a whole week wait. Please join us in praying for Ronite; that God would bring her peace during her wait, safety during her surgery, and a speedy recovery and healing. May His will be done in her young life!

Ronite during her one of her Occupational Therapy sessions.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Servants Partners with BHM to Rebuild Griffen School

Griffen Christian School is a BHM primary school that is comprised of approximately 435 children, grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  The school sits on the same site as the Conservative Baptist Church of Griffen. During the earthquake on January 12th the church and 2 classrooms were severely damaged. World Servants-Netherlands partnered with Baptist Haiti Mission to help rebuild the classrooms.
This World Servants group, composed of 24 young adults, was in Haiti for approximately 3 weeks, helping to rebuild the school.  During that time they also spent time learning about the Haitian culture and doing a children’s program with the local children.  Director of the school, Dubrèus Mossel, said that the rebuilding meant many things to him, the teachers, and the students.  He stated that, “After the earthquake the school was really ugly. We were wondering, “How can we change this?” It was mercy from God to have that part of the school rebuilt.” He also shared that, “The children really appreciate the presence of the people helping.”
The last day, World Servants threw a party for the children. The previous night the group made over 400 pancakes, which they passed out to the children. There was also singing and games. At the end of the day, World Servants did their traditional “official handover to the community.”   It was a time when many from the community came together with the World Servants group and shared all that God has done over the past 3 weeks as they had worked side by side together to rebuild the school.   A teacher from the Griffen School gave a speech giving his thanks.  World Servants also revealed the new mural on the side of the school.
We praise God for the great partnership between World Servants and the Griffen School.  God has answered the prayers of many in the Griffen community and provided a new school for them.
The classrooms when they were partially done.

Marjon, with some of children that attend Griffen school.
Headmaster Mossel, in the back and center, with some of the students.
It's game time! :)
The passing out of the pancakes.
Some of the team, finishing touches.
Hard at work, painting the mural.
The World Servants, in front of the finished classrooms.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fermathe church Reaches out to the Community Through a Childrens Summer Bible Program

For one week in August the Conservative Baptist Church of Fermathe held their annual Vacation Bible School. The church not only invited children from the church, but children in the neighborhood also. They  wanted it to be an evangelistic outreach to the community and they were very successful.   Well over 200 children attended the week-long program.
Everyday the VBS program consisted of the children learning a new song, memorizing a Bible verse, a Bible lesson, and a craft session. Each day the children came together with the teachers and recited the verse and song they had learned the previous day.
On Friday, Darlene Winn, a BHM missionary, shared the Bible lesson about the "Good Samaritan." She was also able to walk them through the plan of salvation using easily understandable colors and pictures.  She really enjoyed sharing about the good acts you can and should do as a child saved by Christ.
The Fermathe church has happily held this Summer Program for children in the community for many years and they plan on providing it for years to come. By the last day of the program this year, 74 little ones had committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The names and information of these children have been recorded and the church’s intent is to follow-up with each one, to continue to help guide them in their newly found and growing faith. We praise God for the opportunity that our local church has to reach out to the community’s children and for the many who were saved! Thank you Jesus!
The children praying at the start of the day.
A little one, on her knees, praying.
Berline, Diana, Abigail, & Lestayaina; little girls attending Fermathe's VBS.
Madame Winn, reading the story of the "Good Samaritan."
Madame Joubert, the long-time Director of the Summer Program.
The younger children, learning how to do their craft.
The children, eagerly coloring.
The kids were showing that they knew how to fold their craft.
Lovenson, a young boy from the community, happily working on his craft.