Friday, September 10, 2010

Ronite Needs our Prayers and God's Healing

Ronite is an 18-year old girl who was severely injured in the earthquake when her school fell on her. She lay underneath the school for over 3 days before her family could get her out. As a result, she suffered  a very severe crush injury to her arm and leg. The injuries to her nerves and then problems with infection were so bad that she required 6 operations and a stay of over 6 months in the Hospital De Fermathe.  After going home in July, Ronite was fine for a few months, but recently returned with an open area to her large toe and a swollen foot and lower leg. The doctors tried antibiotics, but a week later her foot was only worse. Yesterday, Ronite found out that she has to have, at the very least, her great toe amputated. The doctor says it is gangrenous and we are completely unsure how far up he will have to amputate. Anybody that has come through on one of the volunteer medical teams knows Ronite; they know she is a quiet and sweet girl. From talking to Ronite, one quickly finds that she has a great love for Jesus Christ. In fact, when found underneath the rubble of her school, Ronite immediately began reciting Psalm 23. For weeks after she was discharged, she continued to call a nurse at BHM and ask for prayer regarding the fact that she could not fully use her injured arm and hand. Ronite has been through so much for a girl of her age, but she has been so strong and has had so much faith in God! Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday so she has a whole week wait. Please join us in praying for Ronite; that God would bring her peace during her wait, safety during her surgery, and a speedy recovery and healing. May His will be done in her young life!

Ronite during her one of her Occupational Therapy sessions.

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