Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Helping Hands Partners with BHM Hosptial to Provide many Orthopedic Surgeries

During the week of March 20 - 26, we were blessed with having a team of medical personal from Helping Hands in Annapolis, Maryland.  They did 37 surgeries, mostly orthopedic, and all who received treatment were very grateful.
The Helping Hands group from Annapolis, Maryland.

Michel and some of his relatives along with Dr. Suleika.  Michel was an earthquake victim who was badly injured and was treated in Annapolis, Maryland by some of the doctors with the Helping Hands team.

Len and Dr. Holt are creating a child’s brace using materials that we had here.

Dr. Jacob Bernard is the patient who received treatment for his back pain thanks to Dr. Vickers and Ben Gelfand.

Dr. Linda, an anesthesiologist, holding a newborn child delivered by cesarean.

Kelli Lieb standing with Farah who was preparing to go into her 7th surgery for bones that were broken during the earthquake.