Friday, June 29, 2012

Changing Locations

We are proud to announce the completion of a new website for Baptist Haiti Mission.

The website is composed of the history of BHM, how you can be involved, and the most up to date stories and events at BHM.  It is for this purpose that we would like to announce the closing of this blogspot location.

You can continue to follow BHM blogs and stay connected with the work in Haiti by: 

  1. Following us on Facebook, simply "like" Baptist Haiti Mission.
  2. Checking out our new website,  You will find a list of previous blogs, as well as new ones posted, at the bottom of our homepage.
We look forward to staying connected with you!
-BHM Staff

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time

Summer is officially in full swing here at BHM.  Although we may not be sitting by the poolside with a cold lemonade, we are enjoying every minute of the work the Lord is allowing us to be a part of.

After the January 2010 earthquake one of the missionary homes on the property experienced a great amount of interior damage.  The house needed to be gutted and rebuilt from the inside out.  This has been a large project that has been worked on by several volunteer teams, as well as people on the mission.  Now, more than 2 years later, the house is nearing completion.

BHM would like to send a special thanks to Dan Doerksen and Will Todd for taking two weeks of their summer to build cabinets for the house.  This was Dan’s fifth trip to Haiti serving with us, and Will’s second.  During their stay, Dan was able to reconnect with his sponsored child and family.  We look forward to posting completed house pictures in the future.

Dan and Will posing with Field Director Rob Baker and wife Patti after completing the cabinets.
It would hardly be summer without summer camp.  BHM's camp ministry is in full gear for the summer!  Crossings Ministries, partners of BHM's camp ministry, have just finished their third week of student camps in Haiti.  Students from the U.S. came and participated in construction projects on the camp property to prepare the grounds for Haitian students this summer.

Their afternoons were spent leading VBS and serving in the community.  There have been SEVERAL first time decisions to follow Christ due to these events.  The gospel message is penetrating throughout the communities of Haiti this summer.

Children at VBS playing BINGO as a way to review their Bible lesson from the day.

The churches of Haiti have a variety of programs and plans for students in the summer months.  Pray for the leaders of these churches as they seek to engage their communities with the gospel.  Pray for the many children and students who will be a part of these activities all summer long.  Pray for BHM as we desire to assist the churches during this active time.

Students eagerly anticipating a great afternoon of VBS.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Dose of Some Good Medicine

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE), sent a team of 5 to do a medical clinic alongside BHM this past week.  The team members came from Wisconsin, California, and Pennsylvania.  Their skills varied from being a Physicians Assistant, to retired nurses, nursing students, and moms eager and ready to serve.  Throughout the course of 5 clinic days, the team was able to see 330 people.

Not only were the patient's physical needs met, but their spiritual needs were attended to as well.  The team welcomed 5 people into the family of the Lord this week!

The medical clinic was held in three different locations.  They hosted clinics for 2 days in 2 different locations, and 1 day in a third location.  The first clinic was hosted in a families home, the second in a church, and the third in a permanent medical clinic.

Churches spread the word about the clinic a week or two before it was actually hosted.  Through word of mouth, there was a crowd lined up each morning waiting for the clinic to begin.

Each patient was registered, and then sent to have their blood pressure taken.

Following this check, each person was asked certain questions pertaining to their history.  These questions were medical questions as well as spiritual questions.  It was at this point that the gospel we clearly presented to those who had never believed.  The information of the person who made first time decisions to follow Christ, will be given to the pastor in the area to follow up with each individual.

Adults and children were seen throughout the day. Some patients were simply fighting the common cold, while others were struggling with more; high blood pressure, arthritis, and other infections.

Throughout each clinic, children played with gifts given to them by the medical team.  The adults waited patiently to see the doctor.  We feel it is safe to say, people went home happy!

Thank you, Kurt, Abigail, Rebecca, Carol, and Laurie for your time and work here in Haiti.  We appreciate you and hope to serve together again!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Celebrating the Good Times

Celebrate:  To observe a day, or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities.

Two large CELEBRATIONS took place at BHM and in the country of Haiti this week.

First:  The country of Haiti celebrated Flag Day last Friday May 18.  Flag Day is a national holiday celebrated with great fanfare and festivities held throughout the country.

Schools were cancelled and businesses were closed as people celebrated all day long.  Children participated in parades, and friends and family gathered together on this special day.  The Haitian flag is one of the primary symbols of freedom for the country.  The flag is a symbol of pride, unity, and personal liberty in Haiti.  Flag Day was not the only day celebrations were taking place this past week.

Second:  First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, FL sent a team of 12 adults to work alongside BHM and build houses throughout the mountains of Haiti.  This fun-loving team worked extremely hard and built 3 houses!
The means of travel and the journey to each house was far from easy.  However, the reward of seeing a home finished for a precious family and knowing their lives are changed forever was worth every minute of labor.

The team from Delray Beach enjoyed interacting with the families of whom they were building the houses for as well as learning a lot about the country of Haiti.

"I was encouraged to hear the story of the family I was able to build a house for," said Patricia.  "They told me about the earthquake of 2010 and how they watched their house collapse yet, they were not injured at all.  It was refreshing to hear the stories of those who the Lord saved from this horrific event, and not just all the negative stories we hear from the news."

Wednesday afternoon the team gathered with the new homeowners and spent time thanking God for His faithfulness, and celebrating the completion of these new homes!

Thank you God, for a week of celebration!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"We're Talking Kingdom Impact..."

Receiving a graduation invitation in the mail may be a common occurance for many of you.  That small enveleope that begins to show its face in your home towards the end of a school year is a vivid reminder that a "Congratulations" is in order.  Would you believe us if we told you graduation invitations were sent out this year in Haiti as well?

Saturday, May 12, 2012, 48 students and more than 300 family members and friends gathered in Fermathe Church, to celebrate the graduating class of 2012.  Over the past 6 years Baptist Haiti Mission has been home to one of the only Master's of Education programs in the country of Haiti.  The program is fully accredited by Laurel University, in Highpoint North Carolina.

As BHM seeks to assist the church of Haiti by training and equipping leaders, we were honored to have the opportunity to host our first Master's graduation ceremony.  Professors, families, and friends watched as 48 students walked the aisle with their heads held high as they celebrated their graduation after countless hours of hard work and sacrifice.

Above, Pasteur Jean Claude Smith received his disploma from Dr. Larry McCullough, President of Laurel University.  Behind, Dr. Bob Brumley Dean of Education smiles at the accomplishments of the students.

"The graduation ceremony was a combination of a lot of hard work, vision, and dreams that BHM and the Christian leaders in Haiti have had for many years.  The Master's of Education program is completely grounded in a Biblical Worldview.  We know that this ceremony is only the beginning for the impact these graduates will have in the schools, churches, and communities of Haiti," said Dr. Brumley.

Saturday's graduation was not only for the students but for the families as well.  "The families have sacrificed time with their loved ones as they allowed them to spend time away in their studies.  The families deserved the graduation ceremony as well. It was a great reminder of what a huge impact their loved ones are making in Haiti, we're talking Kingdom Impact," Brumley said.

A reception was given in the conference center on the mission immediately following the graduation ceremony.  Smiles, hugs, and pictures were shared all around as the celebration carried on throughout the afternoon.

Several of the students expressed the fact that they felt completely overwhelmed throughout the ceremony.  The Lord's presence was truly evident as students were encouraged to reflect on His faithfulness in their lives over the years, and anticipate His plans for their future.

Some students are now making plans to work towards their Doctorate.  For others the ceremony marked the end of an academic journey.  Although the specific direction for each student will vary, those of us here at BHM and Laurel University are incredibly proud of the work that has taken place in the lives of these students over the past few years.  We would like to invite you to join as as we say...

Congratulations to the Haiti Graduating Class of Laurel University, 2012!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Smiles

A week of change is in store for a lot of children this week in Haiti.

Smile Train, an organization that specializes in cleft lips and palate surgeries, arrived at BHM Friday afternoon for a week of surgeries for children throughout Haiti.

This unique organization, seeks to provide free cleft surgery to hundreds of thousands of poor children in developing countries.

BHM has hosted Smile Train in the past.  The average cost of the surgery is $250.  These costs are covered through donations and financial support that Smile Train receives.

Children who are born with a cleft struggle in a variety of ways, including eating and speaking.  Those who have a cleft live difficult lives of shame and isolation, though the surgery is relatively simple and offers life changing restorations.  Cleft surgery has been around for decades, but has not been available for those who live in poor countries.

Pray for the many children and families who will be at BHM this week.  Surgery can be a scary and uncertain time for children, as well as family members.  We are excited about the change that will take place for these precious children.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 Houses in 1 Week!

Today was a day of celebration for 14 members from Highpoint Church in Thompson, Connecticut as they said their goodbye's and headed home.  Last Saturday afternoon this team composed of couples, families, and even in-laws landed in Haiti.  They came with a goal of building three houses for families who had lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake.  There mission was a success.

Josh George, pastor and leader of the Highpoint team, began his travels to Haiti while he was working for MFI (Missionary Flights International).  He loved his time working with MFI but he knew God was calling him to work on the ground with His people.  Since that time he has become an Associate Pastor and his love for the nations has overflowed into his congregation.

Highpoint church does two short-term trips a year.  Some of these trips have included Tanzania, Venezuela, and Kenya.  The trips typically consist of construction projects as the team engages the culture with the goal of making the name of Christ known.  As the team travels home today, we know that they will never forget the lessons they learned, and the stories they heard about how the gospel is impacting the people of Haiti.

One of the mothers from the work-site shared about how she came to know the Lord.  She said it was one year after the earthquake and there were some evangelists from a local church in the area.  She was intentionally keeping her distance.  Her child, however, was playing with a group of kids in the neighborhood.  After being asked for his mom, he immediately took the evangelists straight to her, she could hide no more.  She is so thankful for the encounter that completely changed her life.
Working alongside the Haitian translators, house builders, and families, the team members learned a great deal about the culture of Haiti.  Roger, a grandfather, said he was amazed when he saw the kids playing with a cut-up milk jug with lids attached to the bottle to make it into a car.

"I realized my grandchildren, and myself have a lot of 'wants' that are totally not necessary.  The people here are so happy and so content with what they have," said Roger.

Teenagers, Mitch and Jacob, were amazed by the work ethic of their Haitian brothers.  "We took at least 3 breaks during the day, the whole time the Haitians continued to work so hard.  It definitely challenged me to work harder," said Mitch.

"I am going home with a renewed perspective on how much I waste on a daily basis," said Mackenzie.  "I saw firsthand how important it is to conserve water, and take care of the things the Lord has given me."  
At the end of a very full week, the team members are excited to return home to family, friends, and a warm shower.  We are thankful for the work of Highpoint Church.  Several of the team members said they hoped to return to Haiti again. We eagerly wait to serve alongside them in the future.

Friday, April 13, 2012

He Reigns

Revelation 19:6, ...“Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns."

Listen to the song below as you read the post:

 Last Sunday the churches of Haiti celebrated the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!  They worshiped with hearts of thankfulness as they sang songs about the power of the Cross.  In a world of darkness, the name of Christ is making an eternal impact.  Below is a big picture reflection on the work of the Lord in Haiti:
Throughout the mountain regions of Haiti, young and old, take the time to invest in relationships.  They are not too hurried with schedules or tasks.  They send warm smile to those they meet and learn about those around them.  The Lord is working in the believers of Haiti as they invest in relationships others.

Many of the Pastors serve in physical as well as spiritual ways in the community.  The man in the overall's is an 80 year old Pastor who is working behind the church on a retaining wall with other members in his congregation.  It is our hope to see the church of Haiti reach outside their buildings structure and impact the community with the power of Christ.

Families are being reached as the name of Christ is being shared and proclaimed throughout Haiti.  The church has a mighty influence on the family.  Sunday School teachers and others are beginning to see the importance of influencing the younger generation with the Gospel.

BHM is happy to be a part of the work of the Lord in Haiti.  He is at work through the Church and we are honored to play yet a small part in His Kingdom.  Pray for the people of Haiti today.  Pray that they may not simply know the name of Jesus, but that they would know what it is to have a relationship with Him.  Remember the Church as a whole, and pray it continues to grow.  As a part of the many tribes and tongues around the world, may we join hands and sing, "Glory, glory, Hallelujah He Reigns!"

To find out more about how BHM is serving in Haiti visit our website,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Serving, Sweating, and Impacting Haiti

Saturday, March 31st, 80 students and adult leaders left the comforts of their homes in the U.S. and stepped off of a plane into the hot and crowded streets of Port-a-Prince.  For the past several days this group has worked tirelessly alongside the camp ministry of BHM.  Tomorrow morning as they board the plane to return to the U.S. it is safe to say, the hearts and lives of those returning will never be the same.

Over the summer of 2011 Crossings Ministries, a camp and retreat organization in Kentucky, announced to its participants that they were taking their passion for camp to Haiti.  After more than a year of planning and working, Crossings sent their first team down this week to serve alongside BHM.  

Missionaries, Chris & Kelli Lieb live on the BHM camp property in Montrouis.  They are training Haitian staff to run and operate camp for Haitian students.  The team from Crossings came to help strengthen this ministry, as well as work in the surrounding communities.  Each day was full of its own unique twists and turns.  The mornings began with students spending time in the Word to prepare for the many tasks of the day.  After breakfast it was off to work!

Don't miss the rock flying through the air!

The team worked tirelessly on the property with the desire to provide a wonderful facility for Haitian students when the summer arrives.  Students worked the shoreline scooping up sea urchins and other unwelcome creatures.  Others built a much needed retaining wall on the property.  They also spent hours sifting sand and preparing a volleyball court for future students.  It took hours of moving rock and preparing the grounds for the court.  It gave the students a true picture of why Haiti means mountains, there are plenty of rocks!

Students were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor on this brand new volleyball court.

In the afternoon the team traveled to churches associated with BHM to lead Vacation Bible Schools.  Over 100 kids were in attendance each afternoon.  The team was able to clearly present the gospel each day to the kids in attendance.  We praise the Lord for the power of His Word and its ability to change lives.  Several children in attendance at VBS gave their hearts to the Lord and  "crossed over from death to life," John 5:24.

Each day VBS was filled with love and laughter as those in attendance were shown the love of God in a real and practical way.  The team members loved all the smiles and hugs from the children.  In spite of high temperatures and language barriers, the energy level was extreme and it was a wonderful experience for everyone.

In the late afternoon the team returned to the camp property from VBS ready for a cool shower and dinner!  An evening worship service was held every night after dinner.  Haitian staff taught the team familiar worship songs in Creole.  Brent Gambrell, youth evangelist, who serves in Haiti on a regular basis, delivered the message each night.  Students were encouraged and challenged each evening in the worship service.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness over this past week.  The lives of many have been forever changed!  Pray for safe travels home tomorrow morning for all of the team members.  Pray the Lord will continue to work in their lives and increase their passion for the nations.  We here at BHM are thankful for the work of this team and look forward to serving alongside another Crossings team soon!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

The work of Baptist Haiti Mission is a group effort.  It is a gift to see the unique and oh so creative way God has designed the body of believers.  He has given each of us different gifts, passions, talents, etc.  Every facet of our life has been orchestrated by our creator.  The missionary staff of BHM are encouraged on a regular basis by the variety of people the Lord connects with BHM.  Last week BHM was privileged to work alongside a team from The Peoples Church, in Toronto Canada.

Mark, Geoffrey, Warwick, Brian, Ted, Tony, Christine, Uli and Kai arrived in Haiti with the task of building two houses.  While their days would be full of physical labor, their hearts were open to engaging and discovering the culture of Haiti.  The team was able to interact with the people in the area around their building projects each day.  They were able to share the love of Christ in a practical way by meeting the physical needs of two families.
Some of the team members had served alongside BHM before, and for others this was their first time in Haiti.  At the end of the week the team had successfully completed the two houses.

Each team held a "House Dedication" service for the family and community when the house was completed.  They sang a few songs together and spent some time in the Word.  The impact of the physical labor of this ordinary team from Toronto will remain.  However, there is more to the story...

The hearts of many of the team members were greatly impacted by their days spent in Haiti.  They were exposed to many aspects of a culture quite different than their own.  Throughout the week while building the houses the team began brainstorming about how they were going to stay connected with the Lord's work in Haiti once they returned to Canada.  What had the Lord given them a passion for that they could use to continue to assist the people of Haiti.

Mark Tenaglia, team leader, has traveled to Haiti a number of times and worked alongside us here at BHM.  He is a gifted photographer.  He has captured a variety of amazing pictures during his visits to Haiti.  Mark has been able to sell some of these pictures and donate the money to BHM!  He has also designed several graphics and brochures for BHM, absolutely free.

Ted, owns several restaurants in Toronto.  One of his restaurants is home to the "Haiti Burger."  When someone orders one of these burgers in his restaurant, some of the money is donated to Haiti.  Many people know about the "Haiti Burger," some people give money to Haiti at his restaurant even when they do not order the burger.

From this team of 9, this is only two specific stories of those who are taking the impact of Haiti back home.  There are many more stories where this came from.  Rumor has it, the team is brainstorming about a variety of ways they can raise the funds to return to Haiti and build a school in the North.  This is no small task.  The team is definitely going to be doing a lot of "thinking outside the box," to develop ways to raise the funds for this endeavor.  We are excited to see where the Lord takes this desire. 

What about you?  Have you served alongside BHM and are now using something your passionate about to share about God's work in Haiti?  Are you currently communicating the impact Haiti made on you with those in your hometown?  If so, we would love to hear what you are doing.  Tell us about it on Facebook, "Baptist Haiti Mission."

Friday, March 16, 2012

Annual Church Conference

After months, weeks, and days of preparation we are currently in full-swing with the Association of Conservative Baptist Churches Annual Church Conference.  The mission property is a very popular place to be this week as we have eagerly welcomed over 300 Pastors, lay preachers, church committee members, and youth leaders.

Sleeping arrangements have been made available for those who are here.  Our conference center which comfortably sleeps around 150 people has been adapted for this special week.  Classrooms in our conference center have been re-arranged into bedrooms for many of this weeks participants.
The conference is scheduled to last until Sunday afternoon.  Meals are provided for the participants throughout the week.  The conference center kitchen is full of a variety of ladies from local churches.  The ASEBACH Office (Association of Conservative Baptist Churches in Haiti) has been in charge of the many details to make this event possible.
Each day is composed of different group sessions focusing on a variety of topics.  They are designed to encourage the churches, as well as, to challenge the leaders.  There are also special guest speakers who will be sharing throughout the week.

Pastor Jim Lacy from Michigan has traveled in to speak for a few different sessions about "Honoring God for His Faithfulness".  Pastor Solect Jean Baptiste, Superintendent of Education - MBCH, spoke on "The Pastor as an Agent for Social Transformation".  Dr. Lesly Jules, a local Haitian leader, spoke on "Good Administration of the Local Church".  

Engineer Jean Marie Claude Germain will be introducing the "Role of the Church in the Reconstruction of Haiti".  Rev. Edouard Poultre will touching on the "Prophetic Role of the Church in Haiti".  Dr. Warwick Cooper from Canada will be speaking on "The Counseling Ministry in the Local Church and Dr. Lomega Jean, a local medical doctor, will be addressing the assembly about health needs and topics.  Each evening is concluded with a worship service with various singing groups and special preachers.
Pray for all of those who are a part of this event.  Pray for the participants as they are receiving A LOT of information this week.  Pray they will be attentive and responsive to the Word of God.  Pray for BHM as we continually seek for the best ways to come alongside and assist the churches of Haiti.  We are so encouraged by these faithful men of God who are seeking to lead the local church.  Praise be to God for the work He is doing among His people. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekend is Here!

It is Friday afternoon, the end of the week has finally arrived.  School dismisses, and it is the weekend!  For many students this means rushing home and not thinking about studying for at least 2 days.  However, if you walk past the Education Office on a Friday afternoon on the Mission, the previous description would not be accurate.

You will notice kids in school uniforms standing outside the door of the office.  Some children are quickly reading over pieces of paper.  Others are filling in answers on their worksheets.  What is all this study for on a Friday afternoon you may ask?  It is scripture memory and Bible lesson check-in day!

At the start of the 2010 school year BHM missionary Darlene Winn shared with a few students she went to church with that she would be starting a Bible lesson and scripture memory time for students on Friday afternoon if they would be interested.  Two years later, through students sharing with their friends, there are more than 40 children who WILLINGLY come to the Education Office each Friday afternoon with a completed lesson and memory verse ready to present.

The Education Office is far from quiet for about 1.5 hours as the students file in and present their work.  After the completion of a lesson the child is given a lesson and verse to work on through the week and return again next Friday.  These are evangelistic lessons that teach about who God is, why we need Jesus, and how one can go to heaven.  The lessons are typically 4 pages long and have questions to answer and a scripture verse to memorize.

"There are always fun things that happen when meeting with the students on Fridays," said Darlene.  "One week a question from the lesson asked the students to write down the name of their enemy.  The correct response was Satan.  One little girl presented me her paper and had written the name of one of the girls from her school in the blank."

You never know with students what their responses may be.  Darlene tries to ask many questions to each student about their work on Fridays.  It is important to ensure the children are not just repeating, but learning biblical truths.

There are 2 different courses of work for the children to do.  The first course is 10 lessons long, and the second course is 7 lessons.  There are many students who have completed each course.  Even after completing all the work they have asked if they could start over from lesson 1.  Darlene allows this, after all, it never hurts to review what you learned before!

Pray for the excitement of the students as they dig into God's word and come every Friday afternoon.  Pray that they would learn and apply the truth's they are being exposed to.  Thank God today for children who are being educated to read and write and are able to understand first hand the Word of God!

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Raised to Walk in Newness of Life..."

Matthew 3:16-17
And when Jesus was baptized, immediately he went up from the water, and behold, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest on him; and behold, a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased."

I cannot wrap my head around what it must have been like to have been at the baptism of Christ.  I am sure it was a sight the people in the crowd that day talked about and never forgot!  Over the past several weekends, Rob Baker, Field Director for BHM has had the opportunity to travel to a variety of different locations and preach.  Each service was unique in location but consistent in the proclamation of the gospel message.

Two of the church gatherings also included baptisms.  The streams and rivers of Haiti grew great crowds as communities and family members gathered to witness the public display of complete life change in their loved ones! 
Lives that were once walking in darkness have now entered the light!  A line was formed along the side of the river as people eagerly anticipated their opportunity to proclaim their love for Christ.

Matthew 28:19-20
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

The name of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed among the people of Haiti.  Pray for the pastors of Haiti that they may faithfully shepherd the church.  Pray for the lives of several individuals over the past few weekends who have made public their decision to follow Christ.  Pray that believers in Haiti would see the importance of walking alongside other believers in discipleship and growing in the likeness of Christ.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Making a House a Home

You may be familiar with the phrase, "Home is where the heart is."  For several families in Haiti, the word "home" does not describe a building with walls and windows.  Security and longevity are not phrases one would associate with the structure of a home.  The definition for "home" changed drastically for two families last week thanks to the work of a construction team associated with MFI (Missionary Flights International).

The team of 9 arrived in Haiti Thursday February 9.  The team was composed of people from a variety of locations, Florida, Maine, Canada, just to name a few.  After a long day of travel, attempting to adjust to a new environment, and an early morning breakfast the team hit the ground running Friday morning.  The team set out to build two houses during their one week stay.  We are pleased to announce their goal was achieved.  Sweat was shed, skin was sunburned, and roofs were put in place.  The work on these houses was not a one man, or even a one team task.

 Children and families from the surrounding areas were eager and willing to help out wherever there was a need.  Several hours a day were spent shoveling and sifting.
 The walls for the two homes came up quickly.  The homes are two room structures with concrete floors.  They will be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions, provide security for the families, as well as keep out unwanted critters.
Wednesday morning the team celebrated their work by having a house dedication ceremony.  During this time Scripture was read and a devotion was given for the families and community.  Songs were sung and smiles and hugs were shared.  The joy and appreciation from the families was evident throughout the morning. 

Thank you MFI team for all of your hard work.  You have made a lasting impact in the lives of many.  We appreciate your work and anticipate serving with you in the future!  If you would be interested in bringing a team to Haiti to help build houses please visit our website,, and contact us.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Demolition Derby

Bring out the sledgehammers and the crowbars.  Not what you expected to hear in a country that is booming with construction from the earthquake?  Sometimes you have to you can build it back better.  
We have been blessed to have a team here in Haiti for two weeks from Canada, led by Martin Durksen, the Chairman of the Canadian board of directors. 
 The house where Rob and Patti Baker, BHM's Field Director, were living was damaged during the earthquake.  Since they moved out late last year, it has been used as a storage facility.  Waiting until the right time to start tearing it down, so that construction could begin again.

Instead of building the house back just like it was, the decision has been made to create it into two apartments, for other missionaries and guests.    
During the quake, the outer walls remained in-tact and structurally sound.  However, the inner load-bearing walls were another story.  They have removed the roof and most of the inner walls.
New walls have begun to be constructed already.  
Make sure you check-out Facebook, as more pictures are coming soon.  Praise God that there are men and women who are willing to take their own time and help us here at BHM, as the ministry continues to go on. 

**There are a number of spiritual analogies throughout the above story.  Christ rebuilds our lives like we are re-building this home.  Before construction takes place...we have to recognize the cracks in the walls and the sin in our own heart.  Once this realization (confession) is made, the Lord will quickly begin rebuilding us into the image of himself...better than it was before.  This work does not start on the outside, but from the inside out.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Special Deliveries

As BHM seeks to assist local churches and schools of Haiti we greatly depend on donations and outside support.  Last Friday we told you about the special school supplies ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), helped collect and send to BHM.  Throughout this week these 750 boxes began to be delivered.  The delivery of these special bags brought forth smiles, excited chatter, and quite a few very surprised students and teachers.

The students were thrilled to receive these special gifts.  As each student received their package others became incredibly curious to see what everyone was getting.

The students spent a great deal of time exploring and seeing all that was in their bags.  Cheers echoed throughout the classrooms as students discovered their very own pack of stickers or brand new markers.  Upon pulling out a package of glue sticks a little boy asked if it was candy.  He was quickly informed it was not for eating.  He nodded his head in understanding and then asked if it was to put on his lips.  Hopefully these "little details" are resolved before using too many of the items in the bag.

The bags were given to students of all shapes and sizes.  For some it was a struggle to even close their bags after opening and examining all of their new supplies.

BHM is incredibly thankful for the generous donations of Project Hope for Haiti.  The time and money spent organizing and collecting items for teachers and students was definitely noticed and appreciated.  The facial expression of the student below says it all, WOW, thank you for the school supplies!