Friday, September 3, 2010

Fermathe church Reaches out to the Community Through a Childrens Summer Bible Program

For one week in August the Conservative Baptist Church of Fermathe held their annual Vacation Bible School. The church not only invited children from the church, but children in the neighborhood also. They  wanted it to be an evangelistic outreach to the community and they were very successful.   Well over 200 children attended the week-long program.
Everyday the VBS program consisted of the children learning a new song, memorizing a Bible verse, a Bible lesson, and a craft session. Each day the children came together with the teachers and recited the verse and song they had learned the previous day.
On Friday, Darlene Winn, a BHM missionary, shared the Bible lesson about the "Good Samaritan." She was also able to walk them through the plan of salvation using easily understandable colors and pictures.  She really enjoyed sharing about the good acts you can and should do as a child saved by Christ.
The Fermathe church has happily held this Summer Program for children in the community for many years and they plan on providing it for years to come. By the last day of the program this year, 74 little ones had committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The names and information of these children have been recorded and the church’s intent is to follow-up with each one, to continue to help guide them in their newly found and growing faith. We praise God for the opportunity that our local church has to reach out to the community’s children and for the many who were saved! Thank you Jesus!
The children praying at the start of the day.
A little one, on her knees, praying.
Berline, Diana, Abigail, & Lestayaina; little girls attending Fermathe's VBS.
Madame Winn, reading the story of the "Good Samaritan."
Madame Joubert, the long-time Director of the Summer Program.
The younger children, learning how to do their craft.
The children, eagerly coloring.
The kids were showing that they knew how to fold their craft.
Lovenson, a young boy from the community, happily working on his craft.

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