Monday, September 20, 2010

Master's Class Begins

What a joy to see things like the Master's Class taking place again and students returning to continue with their studies in Christian Education.  God is so faithful and has allowed things like the Master's class to continue well even amongst all the relief work that is taking place. 

Pastor Solect is currently enrolled in the Master’s program facilitated through BHM; he is working toward a graduate degree in Education with a focus in Christian Education. Pastor Solect has his 2 years of graduate classes completed and is working on his Thesis to officially graduate. Some of his favorite classes in the Master’s program have been “Classroom Management” and “Classroom Assessment.” Pastor Solect shared how the Master’s class has affected his life: “Before the program we didn’t know much about Christian Education.  It’s not just about having a Bible class, but now I know you must have many aspects. A school must reflect the Christian worldview.” Pastor Solect hopes to finish his Thesis by December. He calls it, “The Christian Alternative to School Administration.” He would like to focus on the information regarding the Christian background of coordinators and principals. Pastor stated that he would like to “help them manage their schools well by focusing on the types of classes every principal should take to be good [effective].”
We at the Baptist Haiti Mission have been blessed to have Pastor Solect as the Superintendent of Education for the past 4 years and as a pastor for the past 10 years.  We pray that God will continue to use him in mighty ways.
Baptist Haiti Mission is currently facilitating a Master’s class this week with the second cohort of students. Today we wanted to share with you the story of Pastor Solect, a student from the first cohort that is on the verge of being finished. Each day this week we will be sharing an individual story of a student that is in the current cohort. Be sure to check the BHM blog everyday!

Pastor Solect

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