Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isaac, Supervisor of Christian School, Working Towards Master's

Isaac Jean Wakenson is one of the younger students currently working on his Master’s degree in Education with a Christian focus. Like our featured student yesterday, he is also staying at BHM for the week and taking the course “Classroom Assessment.” At 30-years old he is not yet married and is living with his sister in Carrefour.  Isaac currently holds a position at a Christian school called Agapè du Seigneur, a primary school, as a Supervisor of the teachers. He has been in this position for one year. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Universitaire de Christianville.
    Isaac plans on having his Master’s degree completed by March. He says this is “if the Lord wills it.” The reason he chose the Master’s program facilitated by BHM is because he likes the “Christian” part of the program. Isaac really emphasizes this. He stated, “Before my school was given a Biblical name, but we never had Biblical studies.” He plans on taking the fundamentals he is learning and implementing this invaluable information at Agapè du Seigneur, to the staff and students. He wants to “teach them how to live like a Christian.” His favorite class, thus far, has been “Curriculum Development.”


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