Thursday, January 20, 2011

God takes Saint Pierre home and Wilner needs our prayers.

On Tuesday one of our longtime employees pasted away.  Saint Pierre, was a wonderful diligent man who quietly served in whatever way he was asked.  For several years he rode along in the truck that purchased supplies daily in POrt-au-Prince and helped with the purchasing.  Once he became unable to handle the long bumpy ride each day, he helped with general yard upkeep.
He had been sick for a couple of days and on Tuesday morning he was brought to the hospital and passed away shortly after arriving here.  Pray for his family as they go through this difficult time.

Yesterday one of our night security guards, Wilner, was admitted into the cholera clinic.  Pray that Wilner will regain his strength and that God would help him to recover from this illness.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Canadian volunteers helping out in great ways

On Tuesday Martin, Dan and Donna arrived to help out in various ways for 2 weeks.  It was great to have them come back.  Dan and Donna arrived on the day of the earthquake last year, so it is wonderful to see them come back again and to be with us again as we remembered the earthquake and all that God has done during the past year.

Martin and Dan have been helping with the conference center.  Dan helped our group of carpenters build the trusses and yesterday they started putting up the trusses.  Martin has been working on the electric and plumbing for the conference center.
Today they have been working along side Kyrk to try and clean and organize a storage warehouse.  We have more supplies coming in today and need to get the space clean.  They are so willing to do whatever needs to be done and they are a great help.  Looking forward to having them around for the next week also.
Donna is being a great help in the Child Sponsorship office and also helping with some cleaning, organizing etc.  We are so grateful that all 3 of them were willing to return to serve.

Dan, helping to put up the trusses.

Martin, working on the plumbing pipes as they enter the building.

Kyrk, with his head out the window, answering some of Martins questions.  Notice Kyrk chose to stand inside on the solid floor and Martin is standing on the wonderful Haitian scaffolding.

Dan and Martin helping to organize desks in the storage warehouse today.
These desks used to be in a huge disorganized pile.  It took lots of work this morning to get them looking this good.
Oh, the treasures you find when you are dealing with desks.  I think the person that sat at this desk was a gum chewer :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visiting Medical Teams Serve Many in Need

A few weeks ago we were blessed to have a medical team from ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism) partnering with us.  The team was under the leadership of Dr. Jack Sorg and they held medical clinics in three communities in the mountains above the mission campus.
These clinics were set up in BHM affiliated schools or churches and about 80 people were served each day.  People who came were not only treated and provided with medication, but they were given knowledge about hygiene and their sickness and most importantly the gospel was shared with everyone who came to these clinics.  Through out the week over 10 people were saved. 
Dr. Jack shared, “We are very thankful and pleased that we are able to partner with BHM in Haiti. They want to expand their medical mission, and our goal is to help them with that.”
We praise God for the work that He did in the hearts of the people who came through these clinics and we also praise God for the partnership that BHM has with ABWE.

Next week, we will be having another medical team coming to work along side our medical staff at the hospital.  Pray that God will use them in mighty ways and they serve the people of Haiti.

Continue to pray for those suffering from cholera and for those treating them.  We are praising God that there has been very few people needing hospitalization for cholera in the past few days.