Friday, September 24, 2010

Academic Principal Working Hard to Obtain Master’s….

Georges Odney Odeus is a young man enrolled in the Master’s program facilitated by BHM for a graduate degree in Education with a Christian focus. Georges is near the end of a week-long “Classroom Assessment” course on the BHM campus. He resides in Carrefour.  He has been filling in for 3 months as the Academic Principal of the Collège Educatif d’ Excellence de Mont-Rouis, a college associated with Life Connection Mission.
    Georges originally obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Education at the College Universitaire de Christianville. And now, at the age of 27, he expects to finish his Master’s degree in February 2011. He excitedly proclaims that “every class” in the program has been his “favorite.” He stated how this Master’s program at BHM has impacted his personal and professional life: “Christianville was a Christian school, but now I am getting an even bigger view and increasing my thinking about Christian education. This education is making me stronger in the way that I work.” When asked how he plans to use his Master’s degree, Georges said that he doesn’t plan on waiting until after he is finished; he plans on using it now. Georges has been and plans to continue to work with the teachers regarding integrating the Bible into education. This principal wants to “start small” and hopes to spread these Christian views on education far. His future dream is to obtain his Doctorate degree.

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