Friday, September 17, 2010

An Update on Ronite

For everyone who has been praying for Ronite, we wanted to let you that she did not have her surgery as expected on Thursday. The Orthopedic specialist did see her; he thought that her foot and leg itself looked improved. With the oral antibiotics the swelling has gone down; she has also been receiving routine dressing changes and the signs of infection outwardly have lessened. Unfortunately, her toe remains black and the primary concern is that she may have an infection in the bone of her great toe. Amputation is still a possibility. Ronite will wait in Hospital De Fermathe for another week and get a repeat x-ray on Thursday so that the specialist can compare it with her old x-ray; the decision will be made whether she will require amputation at this time. We ask that you please continue to lift Ronite up in your prayers during this period of prolonged waiting. Your prayer is powerful and we are confident that prayer has helped her thus far. We give thanks to God for her improved condition!

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