Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christ-filled Week of Master’s Class Wraps Up….

    Today, Saturday, marks the last day of the “Classroom Assessment” course that took place this week on the BHM campus. For the first 5 days the students focused directly on the assessment of the classroom. These past two days have been a seminar called “Introduction to Education Research” where they are taught how to properly and efficiently do a project. After each student has received a passing grade in “Classroom Assessment” the second cohort will be 3 more graduate credits closer to finishing their Master’s degree. We, at Baptist Haiti Mission, find this very exciting because of the focus on Christian education.
The class, Dr. Watson beginning to teach.

A view of the class from the front of the room.

The students praying before class begins.
BHM would like to especially thank Dr. James Watson, the professor who taught not only this week’s course, but others in the past.  This Master’s program is facilitated through Baptist Haiti Mission, but is completely based out of Flet University in Miami. It is a fully accredited curriculum. Dr. Watson stated, “It is always thrilling to see how engaged the Haitian students are to learn about Christian education. It is also great to view their excitement and how they look forward to applying Christian concepts in their schools and settings.” BHM is very blessed to be able to facilitate such a wonderful, Christ-filled opportunity. We praise God for Flet University, the professors, the students, and all the people behind the scenes that make the Master’s program a success. This is just one of many ways Baptist Haiti Mission is helping to share the love of Christ with the people of Haiti.
Dr. James Watson

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