Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BHM holds Annual Church Conference

Last Thursday through Sunday we were blessed with having about 255 people from most of the BHM affiliated churches across Haiti come to the mission campus in Fermathe for the annual church conference.  This conference was special since it was the 51st anniversary of the founding of the church association (ASEBACH)  We were unable to hold conference last year, so this was the big celebration year.
One of the sessions lead by Dr. James Lacy
The theme for the conference was "Only God has the Answer" taken from Gen. 41:16.  
There were inspirational messages, workshop/seminars, and regional business that was done during the conference days.  Special thanks to Dr. James Lacy with Converge, Michigan who came and daily shared a message at the conference.
We were also blessed to have the Board of Baptist Haiti Mission from the US here and they were able to spend some time interacting with the pastors and others who came to the conference.
 During the final service on Sunday 3 men were ordained for the ministry- Persondieu Tanisma, Solect Jean Baptiste, and Vulgard Camille.  Pray that as these men continue to serve as pastors in their communities, that God would continue to use them in mighty ways and that He would encourage and guide them as they share God's Word with others.
The Sunday Morning service, the closing of the conference