Monday, November 29, 2010

Sierd & Anneke: Two Volunteers from Afar, A lot of Help Given

Baptist Haiti Mission recently had the pleasure of having two people, a husband and wife, volunteer with us. Sierd and Anneke came all the way from the Netherlands to work at BHM for one month. Sierd had been to BHM in 2008 on a trip with World Servants Netherlands. When he and Anneke sold their business in 2009, they decided that they really wanted to come back and volunteer together. While in Haiti they did many things: tiling, repairing equipment, installing lights, painting, and helping to fill boxes for school children. They even went out with an American team and helped to build a house for a Haitian family that had lost their home during the quake.
    One of the most important things that Sierd and Anneke did for this country was to help make some new concrete water filters. This job was ranked especially high in light of the recent cholera outbreak. It is very apparent that the small island nation of Haiti is in need of access to clean drinking water. Sierd and Anneke worked long hours and many days washing stones and sand for these new filters.  We really want to thank Sierd and Anneke for giving of their time and traveling so far to serve with us at BHM. Thank you for showing the Haitians and BHM staff so much love through your efforts and positive attitudes!
Anneke washing stones for the water filters
Sierd and Anneke
Sierd helping to move a water filter into the conference center kitchen.
Sifting Sand to help rebuild a home.
Sifting sand with a joyful attitude.

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