Friday, November 19, 2010

The Medelus Family Receives a Much Needed Home….

Many who have come through on medical teams will know this family right away, if not by their name, then by their faces. This is the family of Madame Albert Medelus; she was in Hospital de Fermathe for four months following the earthquake. Madame Albert had suffered a left broken femur when her house fell and required traction on her leg for most of her hospital stay. During this time, the medical staff got to know her and her sweet family very well; especially her daughter Claudia. Claudia, though grown and with a family of her own, remained very dedicated and by her mother’s side daily. She also shared her talent of playing the guitar when patients and medical staff gathered to sing praises and pray during the evenings.
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Medelus live in Sarthe. The family attends the Legliz International Mission Outreach, a Christian church in Sarthe. They have 6 children which range from the ages of 15 to 30 years old; they also have two grandchildren. Albert, at 59-years old, is a farmer, an artist, and a mason. Even though Madame Albert’s injured leg blatantly pains her, at the age of 55 she remains a seamstress. The family is very blessed with that talent of music, both of their eldest children, Claudia and Abner can play the guitar and love to sing worship songs. In fact, recently a team from Pennsylvania came to help in the building of their new house and joined in the singing and praising to God as they worked, as Abner played the guitar.
    Madame Albert says that she “thanks the Lord and is happy because her house fell and she could not pay for it.” She wants to thank Baptist Haiti Mission, Hospital de Fermathe, and the team from Pennsylvania. Madame Albert hopes that God blesses the team and Haitians that helped to re-build her families’ home. Abner, the oldest son, says, “I cannot express my gratitude.” We at Baptist Haiti mission pray that this family will take this Christian love that has been expressed to them and pay it forward. We pray that the love of Christ will spread and shine in the community of Sarthe.

Cameron: he helped with the building, but also showed the Haitian children the love of Christ...and had some fun! :)

Jessi, carrying water to help mix the concrete.

Apryl, helping Madame Albert put on a new knee brace.
Christi, helping to sift sand with a Haitian worker.

All the guys working hard to get the outside of the house finished.

Abner and Claudia, the eldest children, playing and singing worship songs in English for the team and community.
Mr. and Mrs. Medelus, inside their new home, right before it was finished.

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  1. I thanks God during the earthquake He saved my familly, I so glad for his love mercy to me.
    And really appreaciate The staf mission Baptiste who was there in the building house to help my mom and dad, I will never forget that>
    thanks for evry one who help us,
    specially my thanksfull to my friends Lora Hek, mrs Christi gensler, Nicole, for evry one I can't forget cameron the boy of Chriti
    I love you with love of God>