Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missionary Flights International Partners with BHM to Help Five Families in Need…

Recently, Missionary Flights International (MFI) visited Baptist Haiti Mission with two teams.  All together they assisted with the re-building of five homes destroyed by the earthquake. Their team leader was Roger Sands, who spent some his childhood years in Haiti. While here, the teams did so much more than just re-build houses.
    One great example of how the MFI teams radiated the love of Christ was for building for 75-year old Darius Dagène, a very sweet, kind older gentleman who farms when he can. Darius is special to BHM as he worked at the mission for about 6 years, as he states, “with the flowers.” He is now elderly with 7 grown children. During the earthquake he tells that his “house fell flat,” but praises God that nobody got hurt. Since the quake, they have been staying in a temporary shelter, a very small tin shack. He plans to live in his new house with his wife and two grandchildren. Darius said that he would like to “thank the mission because he wouldn’t have been able to build it on his own.” He says this is because he is too old and he could not get money easily; he knew that God would have to bring someone to help him. He tells that his children help when they can, but this is not often or much. Darius states that, “After the quake I continually say thank you to God for all the things he has done for me.”
After the houses were finished Roger gave a message to each of the families and the team and community members dedicated the structures. For the finished Dagène house, everyone sang “How Great Thou Art.” It was also made known to the Dagène family that a youth group in the USA saw the need and raised the funds to build the house. Roger gave a message that it was very important that everyone in the surrounding community needed to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to further His kingdom; and that by loving people you are showing the love of God. His prayer was that the house would serve as a testimony to Jesus Christ. We give praise to God for the MFI teams and the wonderful Christian witness they gave to the communities they served. We also give thanks for our Haitian workers that continue to re-build homes even when there are no foreign teams here. By re-building five homes, the MFI teams assisted more people than they could ever imagine because often times extended family members seek shelter in these homes too. By helping even one family, you are helping many people. BHM prays that people would see this great work in progress and prayerfully consider donating towards our house re-building fund. Thank you and God bless!
Roger, the team leader for the MFI teams. Fluent in Creole.
Working as a team, side by side with Haitians.
Sifting sand.
Working on the outside of one of the houses.
Mixing concrete
The temporary tin shack the Dagène family was living in after the quake.
Mr.and Mrs.Darius Dagène with one of their grandchildren, outside their home....almost finished.

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