Monday, November 22, 2010

BHM and Hospital De Fermathe Uniting with Organizations to Prepare for Cholera…

As cholera is spreading through out Haiti, BHM and Hospital De Fermathe have partnered with the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) to set up an isolation unit for cholera treatment.

The unit is nearly finished and when the patients come they will receive free care. The group, ALIMA, has a lot of experience with cholera in other countries. Their set-up consists of three stages. The first point is where nurses are always on duty to provide education to the community. People who come with symptoms of cholera can receive oral rehydration.
If they feel a person needs more treatment they will go to the “stabilization unit.” This is where they will continue to orally rehydrate the patient give them an IV if needed.
If the patient does not get better or gets worse they will be moved to the third phase of the isolation unit, which is hospitalization.

We are so grateful for the partnership with ALIMA and are  thankful that through their knowledge of cholera treatment and prevention they are doing everything possible to protect the patients and the community of Fermathe.

Recently, Dr. Pradip K. Bardhan, who has 25 years of treating cholera in Bangladesh, gave a lecture on cholera.  Many people attended his lecture including almost all the hospital staff and  even some members of the community. It was a very clear and comprehensive overview of cholera, how to treat it, and how to prevent, which was appreciated by all.

As of yet, there have been no confirmed cases of cholera in Fermathe.  Now, with the help of the WHO and ALIMA, the hospital and mission are more prepared for the epidemic that appears to be coming this way at a steady pace. We praise God for this ability to prepare. While we hope that the disease does not reach Fermathe, the hope is that if we do receive cholera patients, it will be an opportunity to witness to them and share the love of Jesus Christ.

The entry point into the cholera area: education and primary assessment.
The tent for the stabilization unit, almost finished.
Getting ready in the quarantined hospitalization unit.
Dr. Bardhan from Bangladesh, sharing his expert information on cholera.

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