Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baptist Haiti Mission Receives First Confirmed Cholera Patient….

    Last night Baptist Haiti Mission received their first confirmed case of cholera. He is a male that came to us from the region of Kenscoff. The nurses informed us that he had a “pretty rough” night, but is doing somewhat better today. He is requiring hospitalization in the quarantined area. We praise God that he is doing better!
    One of the mission’s volunteers, a nurse, went to visit the cholera patient today in the isolated area. There were many protocols to be followed, both when entering and exiting the unit. Before walking down the steps to the isolated area, one must wash their hands and have their feet sprayed with diluted bleach. After reaching the actual hospitalization unit, the volunteer had to once again wash hands and have feet sprayed with diluted bleach. After seeing the patient, she had to walk across a mat saturated with bleach and then once again repeat the washing of hands and feet with diluted bleach on the way out. This is the same for all nurses and the one visitor each patient will be allowed. ALIMA is taking very strict protocols and precautions to protect the mission campus, the nearby school, and the community of Fermathe. We are very blessed to have such a cautious and caring organization aiding us at this time. We give all praise to Jesus!
Hand washing station with diluted bleach.

ALIMA volunteer using bleach to spray a mat that every visitor must cross over.

BHM nurse volunteer having her feet sprayed with bleach after exiting the unit.

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  1. Praying for the staff and patients at your mission hospital. Praying for protection for all caregivers and healing for those afflicted with choler