Sunday, November 7, 2010

More cholera relief is distributed

This week has been a very eventful week. 
We were blessed with some donations to continue providing cholera relief.   The leadership of the association of BHM affiliated churches put together a plan and was able to purchase many supplies in Port-au-Prince and they delivered these supplies on Thursday to 4 districts that have been affected by cholera.  This was perfect timing.
Friday most of Haiti was affected by Hurricane Tomas by rains and wind.  We have seen a slight increase in cholera since the earthquake, and these churches are so thankful to have some clean drinking water and some supplies to purify water.  They also have cleaning supplies to help prevent the spread of the disease.
Thank you for your prayers for the people of Haiti.  These past weeks have not been easy and as I write this the rains are continuing to fall.  Pray that God continues to protect these people.

Pastor Edrice (left) oversees the supplies as they are delivered

Unloading some supplies at 1 of the 4 districts

Visitors from Pennsylvania were able to go along and help deliver the supplies.

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