Monday, August 16, 2010

Prayer needed for Pastor Luc

Pastor Luc Accèus is currently serving in the Cornillon Baptist Church. A few weeks ago, Pastor Luc had an unfortunate motorcycle accident; the bike flipped over and he received a very bad burn as a result of the hot engine laying on him. When we were made aware of this accident we sent a driver to go and pick up Pastor Luc and bring him here to the hospital. Pastor Luc's initial treatment and his dressing changes have been very painful but he continues to be in good spirits. It is expected that he will require hospitalization and dressing changes for an extended amount of time.
Please pray that God would comfort Pastor Luc during this painful time and also give him healing. It is not easy for him to be away from his family and church, so pray that God would give him peace and rest during his hospital stay.
Pastor Luc

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