Thursday, August 19, 2010

New home for the Saint-Louis family

Emmanuel Saint-Louis is a 45-year old Haitian man who resides in the Griffen area with his wife and six children. During the earthquake on January 12, 2010 his family’s house was severely damaged, and they were forced to stay in a very tiny temporary shelter. Emmanuel and his family are members of the Conservative Baptist Church of Griffen and most of the children attend the school there. This husband and father of six only had the opportunity to have about one year of schooling when he was young. Now, he repairs shoes on his property for a small income.  The Saint-Louis family was chosen as one of the families most in need for new housing; this is a process done mainly through the church.
A group of 23 people from four different Christian churches in Alabama arrived in Haiti the last week of July. The majority of these team members came to aide Baptist Haiti mission in the construction of two new houses. Part of the team was sent to help rebuild the Saint-Louis home, side by side, with local Haitians. But there was not just the rebuilding of a physical home at this site. During the week long project, the team was sure to spread the love of Jesus Christ. They prayed with the family and also taught the children in the community some Christian songs.
The last day was a joyous celebration. The house was pretty much complete, minus a few minor details. A pastor from Alabama gave the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and everybody prayed together. There were prayers for the new house, family, and the community. When Emmanuel Saint-Louis was asked about his family’s new home he simply said that he wanted to “thank God because he didn’t know how his house would ever be rebuilt.” He also gave a Bible verse; Daniel 3:17. It reads, “If we are thrown into the blazing, furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it….” What a powerful testimony that our God can do all things!
Mr. Emmanuel Saint-Louis, repairing a shoe
The Saint-Louis family, outside their new home when it was about halfway finished
The temporary shelter the Saint-Louis family was staying in after the quake
The ladies working
Pastor Randy working
Teaching and singing with the children in the community
Three members of the Alabama team
Pastor Randy sharing the message of salvation through Christ on the last day. The finished house is in the background.

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