Thursday, August 26, 2010

BHM Continues to Help with Food Distribution

Even though Baptist Haiti mission is busy helping with the rebuilding of homes for the surrounding communities, the mission continues to distribute food to various schools in the mountain region around Fermathe.   We were able to provide food for schools to use through the end of school and at the end of school we delivered food to schools for them to distribute to the children to take home to their families. One such school is Qui-Croit, located in the mountain above the Baptist Haiti Mission. The primary school at Qui-Croit has about 422 students, from kindergarten to 6th grade.  This particular delivery is not the easiest, as the steep and sometimes narrow mountain road is not in the best condition. But praise be given to God, 30 sacks of rice, 9 sacks of beans, 5 cartons of oil, and one sack of salt was able to be transferred to the school for the families! BHM is really thankful to have the opportunity to deliver food to these communities and to help the people of Haiti in this way.
The mountain road up to Qui-Croit.
Christope, a BHM worker, ready to unload the truck at the Qui-Croit school.
Some members of the community at Qui-Croit, watching the food being unloaded.
A woman carries a very large sack of rice on her head!

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