Monday, August 9, 2010

Dr. Bernard and Repairs

Dr. Bernard Update:
He continues to be hospitalized.  Thank you for your prayers for him and his family during this time.  We will keep you updated as we know more regarding any further medical treatment and progress.

Continuing Repairs:

Over the past few months, Baptist Haiti Mission has required a more than usual amount of repairs. We have had several different plumbing problems, including a full-time missionary family’s house flooding from a broken pipe! Currently, we are involved in another massive plumbing problem which has required some new toilets, various parts, labor, and some moving around of staff and volunteers.  We thank God for our hardworking Haitian staff and various short-term volunteers who have been humble servants and have helped with these sometimes-unpleasant repairs. It is also a praise that the current plumbing problem is near being fixed and we hope that it stays that way! These issues have not come without a cost. Baptist Haiti Mission would like to thank you for your prayers and faithfulness in giving. We ask that you continue to remember us during this time of “extra repairs.”
Steve, a volunteer from Michigan, helping to fix a bathroom after a "flood."
Pastor Baker, John ( a volunteer from Canada), and a Haitian worker...when the problems began about a month and a half ago.
Richard (a volunteer who resides in Vermont) and BHM worker, Andre, making some repairs. Richard has recently spent most of his week-long stay working on plumbing problems.
One of our BHM employees, Gaston, re-installing a toilet
Cliff, a volunteer from Alabama, helps to dig up the floor to find the septic tank.

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