Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayer needed for Dr. Bernard

A few days ago Dr. Bernard was admitted to a hospital in Port-au-Prince with chest pains. For those who don't know Dr. Bernard, he is the head doctor of our Hospital on the mission campus. He has served in the hospital for more then 30 years.
Dr. Bernard is a wonderful servant who has diligently helped so many people over the years. Now he is in need of help.
He is in need of advanced cardiac testing, which can not be done in Haiti. Doctors suspect that he needs stents, but they do not have the equipment here in Haiti to help him further.
He needs to go to the United States, or Canada for further medical help. Pray with us that God would make this happen. He has no medical insurance and no way to cover the medical expenses in the States or Canada alone. Pray with us that God would miraculously provide a willing doctor and hospital so that Dr. Bernard can get the medical attention that he needs.

Dr. Bernard, hard at work in his office

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