Friday, February 10, 2012

Demolition Derby

Bring out the sledgehammers and the crowbars.  Not what you expected to hear in a country that is booming with construction from the earthquake?  Sometimes you have to you can build it back better.  
We have been blessed to have a team here in Haiti for two weeks from Canada, led by Martin Durksen, the Chairman of the Canadian board of directors. 
 The house where Rob and Patti Baker, BHM's Field Director, were living was damaged during the earthquake.  Since they moved out late last year, it has been used as a storage facility.  Waiting until the right time to start tearing it down, so that construction could begin again.

Instead of building the house back just like it was, the decision has been made to create it into two apartments, for other missionaries and guests.    
During the quake, the outer walls remained in-tact and structurally sound.  However, the inner load-bearing walls were another story.  They have removed the roof and most of the inner walls.
New walls have begun to be constructed already.  
Make sure you check-out Facebook, as more pictures are coming soon.  Praise God that there are men and women who are willing to take their own time and help us here at BHM, as the ministry continues to go on. 

**There are a number of spiritual analogies throughout the above story.  Christ rebuilds our lives like we are re-building this home.  Before construction takes place...we have to recognize the cracks in the walls and the sin in our own heart.  Once this realization (confession) is made, the Lord will quickly begin rebuilding us into the image of himself...better than it was before.  This work does not start on the outside, but from the inside out.

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