Friday, February 3, 2012

Special Deliveries

As BHM seeks to assist local churches and schools of Haiti we greatly depend on donations and outside support.  Last Friday we told you about the special school supplies ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), helped collect and send to BHM.  Throughout this week these 750 boxes began to be delivered.  The delivery of these special bags brought forth smiles, excited chatter, and quite a few very surprised students and teachers.

The students were thrilled to receive these special gifts.  As each student received their package others became incredibly curious to see what everyone was getting.

The students spent a great deal of time exploring and seeing all that was in their bags.  Cheers echoed throughout the classrooms as students discovered their very own pack of stickers or brand new markers.  Upon pulling out a package of glue sticks a little boy asked if it was candy.  He was quickly informed it was not for eating.  He nodded his head in understanding and then asked if it was to put on his lips.  Hopefully these "little details" are resolved before using too many of the items in the bag.

The bags were given to students of all shapes and sizes.  For some it was a struggle to even close their bags after opening and examining all of their new supplies.

BHM is incredibly thankful for the generous donations of Project Hope for Haiti.  The time and money spent organizing and collecting items for teachers and students was definitely noticed and appreciated.  The facial expression of the student below says it all, WOW, thank you for the school supplies!

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