Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Invitations have been made, the venue has been selected, the order of the ceremony has been decided, and now the countdown has begun for the wedding day!  This may be the typical order of wedding preparation for a majority of weddings in the U.S.  However, it is not the norm for Pastor Smith as he prepares to perform a wedding ceremony for 91 couples!  Yes, you read that correctly.
December 30, in the area of Muraille Lacee, 91 couples will stand before their family and friends and enter a covenant marriage before the Lord. They will join their lives as one and become husband and wife.  One wedding ceremony for 91 couples is not your typical idea of a wedding.  It quite unique for the town of Muraille Lacee as well.

Over the years there has been a lack of good evangelical witness in the area of Muraille Lacee.  There are currently no evangelical pastors or churches in the area.  The area of Muraille Lacee is in need of the Gospel.  Due to a lack of exposure to the truth's of Scripture and an active relationship with Jesus Christ there is not a strong moral presence in the community. Couples who live together outside of a marriage relationship has become a way of life.

Many of the young women in Muraille Lacee have babies before they are 18.  Pastor Smith and members from the Conservative Baptist Church of Williamson have begun traveling to Muraille Lacee to do evangelization.  CBCW made their first evangelistic voyage into the community on August 2 of this year.  Since August they have made 2 more trips to Muraille Lacee and will be returning in December.  Pastor Jean Claude Smith and the members of CBCW are burdened for the people of Muraille Lacee and go through great lengths to share the Gospel in that area.

In order to arrive in Muraille Lacee they must drive for several hours.  After the drive they must walk for 8 hours on a path that no car or motorcycle is capable of traveling.  Once arriving in Muraille Lacee the people travel house to house sharing about Christ.  They also host church services, without a church building.  Lay preachers travel to the area on a regular basis to preach and serve the Lord's Supper.  Pastor Smith and several people from Petionville Church and Williamson Church will be making the long journey to Muraille Lacee for this incredible wedding ceremony!

A wedding of this size will definitely attract the attention of everyone in Muraille Lacee as well as the surrounding areas.  Pastor Smith is hopeful that this wedding will be a tremendous opportunity for a positive testimony to the community to begin following moral principles.  A public commitment before the Lord and family and friends has the power to change an entire town.  It will truly be a day to remember.  There are many things that still need to be done for a wedding of this grandeur.

A Group Effort
Pastor Smith is in need of some extra funds for a variety of wedding expenses.  The families, who will be getting married on December 30, have a very difficult time collecting any funds for their wedding expenses.  We would like to invite you to come alongside BHM and help us assist with this opportunity for a complete and total heart change in the community of Muraille Lacee.  We hope to have representatives from BHM in attendance at the wedding.  We look forward to being able to share with you at the first of the year many wonderful updates from this HUGE wedding.

If you would be interested in contributing to the wedding of the year please visit our website at  Once you are at the website click, "Donate Now" located in the righthand column.  Write, "Wedding" in the ministry designation reference box and then continue.  After you have made your contribution if you have any questions or any suggestions for making this weeding a success please e-mail  We hope to keep you updated over the next few weeks about the progress of this incredible wedding.

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