Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Building, One Block at a Time

“DUCK!”  This word has become quite common for the team from Fellowship Bible Church in New Jersey who are serving alongside BHM this week.  Each morning the 15 member team composed of a variety of ages and backgrounds, pile into the back of one of BHM’s blue trucks. They prepare for a very bumpy 35 minute ride with a lot of incoming tree limbs.  Their final destination is the home of Yonel and Philomene Britus.

This special team has traveled from the U.S. to work alongside BHM and help build a home for the Britus family.  The Britus family lost their entire home in the earthquake in January 2010.  Since then they have been living down the mountain side in a one room house built with sheet metal and wooden beams.  The family has 7 children ranging in age from 17 years to 5 months.  Yonel Britus knew Baptist Haiti Mission was working to build houses for those who had lost their homes in the earthquake.  He informed BHM of his need for his family.  With the help of this team and the workers at BHM the home for the Britus family is well under way.
Ryan, 12 years old, passed cement blocks out of the truck for the team to carry.  They carried the blocks down a very steep, windy, and rocky trail to the foundation of the house.  This is Ryans first time in Haiti.  He came with his dad.  His dad served with BHM last year to build a home for another family.  The team got straight to work as soon as they arrived at the house.

Some of the team remained at the top of the hill sifting through dirt and rock to get sand to use for building the house.  This task was quite time consuming.  However, every little sift made a difference and contributed to the structure of the house.
Down the trail the remainder of the team worked tirelessly to build this two room home for the family.
Of course it would be no good to have all work and no play.  In the afternoon several children came out and were eager to play with the team.  There were many cheers during a game of “Sheep, Sheep, Chicken.”  The ladies who came with the team were able to spend time with Madam Britus and take turns holding her youngest son Ronald.
Madam Britus said she is so happy they are getting this house!  She is excited to have security for her family every night.  She said when it is finished she will definitely invite her friends to come and see this new gift.  The house should be complete on Wednesday afternoon!  Pray for the team as they continue to work hard on this special home.  Pray they will serve the Lord both in word and in deed during their time out building.  Pray for the Britus family.  Pray they will grow in their love and understanding of the Lord. 

If you are interested in being a part of a construction team with BHM contact us by visiting our website, www.bhm.org, for more information.

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