Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expand- To spread out, unfold, or develop.

Kyrk and Deborah Baker have been serving in Haiti for 13 years.  In this amount of time they have grown in their love for the people and developed an understanding of the culture.  Working with BHM they have met and served with many pastors throughout Haiti.  5 years ago they traveled to the Northwest for the first time and visited a town called Atrel.  It did not take long after seeing Atrel that the Lord began to plant in their hearts a desire to be a part of His work in the northwest. "When we were in Atrel I instantly loved the area and the people.  When I first moved to Haiti to serve I desired to be in a place like Atrel.  Since seeing and knowing the needs in Atrel I know the Lord has placed it in my heart to live there," said Deborah.

The northwest is one of the country's poorest areas.  It is a 6 hour drive from the mission in a good vehicle with no traffic issues or driving interruptions. This very long drive is only 160 miles from the mission.  The majority of the ride to Atrel consists of rocky roads with a great amount of bumping and head jarring.  Pastors and leaders in the northwest have to make the difficult trip to Fermathe on a regular basis to receive training and be a part of the conferences offered by BHM.  In the long range plan of BHM we have desired to see training centers develop throughout Haiti.  The work being done in Atrel is hopefully the first of many training centers that will be developed throughout Haiti.  Kyrk and Deborah along with BHM desire to see a training center built in the northwest to make it easier for Pastors and leaders to receive training and better serve their district.

The church in the northwest is growing steadily and Christian leaders are hungry for knowledge.  Kyrk and Deborah desire to move to Atrel and begin a training center.  This center would expand the work BHM is doing to strengthen the church of Haiti.  Last week Kyrk along with others from BHM traveled to Atrel to talk with Pastor Fritz Metayer and take some up to date pictures of the area.
Pastor Fritz oversees 16 churches around the district of Atrel.  Of these 16 churches every church except for 1 has a school connected with it.  We have been sharing with Pastor Fritz about the desire to start a training center in Atrel.  When he was first presented with the idea of a training center being established in Atrel he said, "It is exciting to see God open the door for a training center in the area.  I am so happy to be a pastor, it is a pleasure to be used by God."

Pastor Fritz attended the Summer Bible Institute in Fermathe for 3 years.  When asked if it was difficult to travel to Fermathe he said it was not difficult.  It is amazing to see the servants heart of Pastor Fritz and others in the northwest.  They do not complain about the journey for training but we know if we could expand it would open the door for so many more to receive training.  Kyrk and Pastor Fritz had a great time discussing the needs in the area and working to develop a plan to meet those needs
Kryk and Deborah and their family hope to move to Atrel full time by November 2012.  There is a large amount of work to be done in order to prepare in this amount of time.  BHM owns property in Atrel for building a training center.  Currently Kyrk and Deborah are working through the details of purchasing land behind the property of the training center to begin building their home.
Posts have been placed along the property BHM owns in Atrel for future building projects.  In the next few months we hope to have more of a barrier in place to establish the ownership of this property.  The location of the training center and Kyrk and Deborah's home will be on a hill looking down into the town of Atrel.  It will be close to the school and church of Atrel.  Below: Atrel Church
Below: Atrel school, located on the same property as the church.
Thursday Kyrk and Deborah and the kids will be traveling to visit family in Canada and the U.S. for the holiday season.  Pray for safe travel and a time of rest.  While they are away they will have the opportunity to share with others about BHM's desire to expand and their upcoming move.  We trust the Lord's guidance and timing in this upcoming year as the details for expansion are developed.  We ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this spreading out and developing of BHM as well.

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