Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unrestful days

Yesterday there were major disruptions with riots, demonstrations, tire burnings, vehicle burnings, rock barricades on many streets and roads all over the country.  Thankfully our campus was fairly quiet because people can't move very well!  Traffic can't move because of all of the blocks and demonstrations.

Here is an overview of how this unrest is affecting the Baptist Haiti Mission and the many ministries affliated with it.

This week we have a Master's of Education class taking place.  Many of the students who were coming up each day were unable to attend class yesterday.  The class went on, since about half of the students are staying here and the professor is here also.  We are praying that the other students will be able to make it up for class today.

The school coordinators were suppose to meet yesterday for training.  Due to the unrest they had to cancel this training.  The Director of our education program is unsure of when he can reschedule this training. 

The unrest has also affected our medical services, since nurses and doctors were unable to travel up here.  Thankfully many of the mission workers were able to get here yesterday if they lived within walking distance.   This is good for them because their lives can go on as normal and helps them to stay encouraged.

We were unable to send drivers to purchase needed supplies downtown and we were also unable to continue delivering food to schools.

We are praying for a more peaceful day today and we thank you so much for joining us in prayer for the country of Haiti.  We know that God is in control and we continue to pray that God's will would be done.

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