Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praising God for peaceful days as cholera increases in our area

The past few days have been relatively calm.  We have once again been able to travel around.

The master's class which took place last week was able to finish successfully.  About half of the students who were staying here at the mission finished on Friday and then the professor willingly offered make up classes on Monday and Tuesday for those who were unable to finish the class last week.

Some school coordinators were able to come to the mission, so the director of education was able to hold some training classes.

We have been able to purchase needed supplies once again.  Due to the rains that we have been having every day we have not been able to send any more food to the schools.  Many of the schools that we still need to send food to are very remote and difficult to get to in wet conditions.

Our medical staff has been able to once again return to work and things are going well at the hospital and clinic.

The cholera clinic is receiving more patients.  As of this morning there were 19 people in the clinic.   By the end of the today Dr. Bernard had 70 patients with cholera and interned 35 of those in the cholera clinic.  Most of these people were from the communities right around the mission.  
Continue to pray for the people affected by cholera and that the spread would be contained.

Continue to pray for peace.  It is unknown what will happen in the next few days.

Here are some pictures taken today in our cholera clinic.

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