Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pastor Neckar Preparing to go to his Eternal Home

Several months ago Pastor Neckar discovered that he had cancer.  Doctors have done all that they can and sadly there is nothing more that they can do for him and it will not be long before the Lord takes him home.  He has diligently served for several years as a supervising pastor for BHM affiliated churches.

Pastor Neckar is 66 years old and he became a lay preacher after graduating from the summer bible institute offered by BHM. After serving as a lay preacher in the Drouin church, he became the pastor there.  He served the church for 39 years and is also supervising pastor of the Drouin district.

Besides that, he served on the executive committee of the national church association (ASEBACH).

He and his wife were blessed with five children, who are active in law, doctor, nurse and administration. His wife attended nursing school also, because she wanted to be able to give medical attention to people in Drouin.

The dream of pastor Neckar was to have a hospital in Drouin before he died. Early in 2009, this dream was realized. A small hospital was dedicated on property given by the church/BHM.

Pray for Pastor Neckar, as he is preparing to go to his eternal home. And pray for his family, that they will have the strength to let him go.

Pastor Neckar (photo taken several years ago)

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