Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Max’s Journey and Need for Prayer….

About 7 months ago, shortly after the earthquake, a very young boy named Maxony was rushed to Fermathe Hospital with severe burns to his left arm and trunk. It was from an accident; boiled water fell on him. The situation was a true emergency, but thankfully we had a foreign medical team here with a specialized burn nurse! Max was in critical condition for a short period of time, but we give all praise to God that Max pulled through. Over the past 7 months Max has remained at the hospital on the mission. He received dressing changes until they were not needed anymore and physical therapy a few days a week. Unfortunately, this physical therapy was not enough and Max has been left with some severe contractures of his left arm. In fact, he is barely able to use his arm.
    Max has been seen by an expert Orthopedic doctor and will require an extensive surgery this coming week on Thursday. He needs releasing of some skin, tendons, and joints in his left arm in order to gain some function. He will also need skin grafting. At first, money was a problem; his family was unable to pay for his surgery. But thanks be to our Lord, within minutes of a visiting volunteer team finding out the need for funds, all the money was donated for the surgery. The surgery is paid in full and now Max and his family are just waiting until next Thursday. A lot of you know Max and some of you don’t, but the fact is, this has been a very long journey for this little boy. He has been through massive amounts of physical and emotional pain from these burns. He has had to live in a hospital for over half a year. But today, Max was miraculously still found to be smiling and happy. Over this coming week, can you please lift little Max up in your prayers? Baptist Haiti Mission strongly believes that Jesus Christ is our strength and will be Max’s strength during this difficult time. Pray for Max and his family during the week-long wait, for a safe and successful surgery, and comfort and healing for weeks and months after. And most of all, pray that God would continue to work in this little boy’s heart and that he would grow up to know Jesus as Lord. Thank you!
Max's initial burn.
Burn nurse, Joany, loving and comforting little Max.
Nurses Joany and Anne, performing one of Max's first dressing changes.

A dressing change made "better" by stickers.

Max, coloring during an occupational therapy session. He has made so much progression!

Max, playing with his tools.

Taken Thursday of this week. Waiting with Miss Nicole to see the doctor. Next!


  1. Praying for Max, his family and the staff.

  2. Toby and I are praying for healing and for Max's pain to go away.