Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baptist Haiti Mission Continues to Reach Out to the Community

Over the years, and especially after the earthquake with the influx of donations, Baptist Haiti Mission has and continues to aide the surrounding communities any time the mission is able to do so. A recent example of this occurred on a payday, when BHM was able to hand out cornmeal, cracked wheat, beans, shoes, and various toiletries to approximately 70 people employed by the mission.   BHM also tries to help many other community members that are not employed by the mission in the same fashion.  The below pictures feature some of our BHM workers, most of which have worked for the mission for over 20 and 30 years. We thank God for the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti in such an amazing way! We also give praise for our awesome, dedicated workers!
Madame Baker, with volunteer and grandson, Zach....handing out sacks with food, shoes, and toiletries.
Madame Sauver, a very important woman who helps to keep the mission grounds clean.
Madame Baker, handing Ermilis his gift.

Ermilis, a BHM employee for over 30 years!

Rosemise with her sack; she has also been with the mission for years and years!

Sinette and Antomise, two more very valued workers that have been with BHM for many years.

Andre, a long-time day laborer at BHM, a very important part of the team!

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