Friday, October 15, 2010

Coordinator Facilitates Teachers’ Training at Fermathe School

Multiple courses for training teachers are being held all over Haiti for Baptist Haiti Mission schools. Recently, a week-long training session was held at the school of Fermathe. Approximately 45 teachers from 12 different schools attended. Some teachers came from far away and stayed in the dorms on the mission all week. Each day the training session would open with prayer and devotion and also conclude with prayer.
The Coordinator of the 12 schools directed and taught the training session. His name is Mr. A. Anilus; he works directly under and reports to Pastor Solect, the Superintendent of Education who works out of the BHM Education office.  Mr. Anilus has a specific schedule he must follow each month; he must visit each school that he is responsible for, take note of how each is functioning, and then report back to Pastor Solect.
Throughout the week, Mr. Anilus covered many topics, but the largest and most in-depth subject this year was disaster preparedness. He discussed the different types of internal and external disasters and what to do in the instance of each one of them occurring. On the same level of importance, there was a lot of discussion about how to deal with and manage the trauma, stress, and physical illness that some of the children continue to experience since the earthquake. Mr. Anilus was determined to give the teachers the best information he could in order to aide these children. As with every teachers’ training, the valuable topics of theology and the social sciences were relayed; each different subject was analyzed for the upcoming school term.
Mr. A. Anilus has been in his current role as Coordinator for 2 years; before that he taught for 4 years. Mr. Anilus is a member of the Baptist Church of Fessard. He says that he “loves being a Coordinator for BHM schools.” As Coordinator, he admits that he enjoys the fact that the job has given him experience in being able to work with a lot of different people. Most importantly, he loves working with the children. Baptist Haiti mission praises God for the wonderful teachers, principals, and coordinators that our schools are blessed with. May we continue to pray for them this upcoming school year!

Mr. A. Anilus, writing about disaster preparedness on the chalkboard.

Mr. Anilus, teaching.

The classroom full of teachers, taking notes.

All the teachers present for the training; Coordinator Anilus is standing.

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