Thursday, January 19, 2012

Full Speed Ahead for 2012!

Psalm 90:12- So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

The past several days have been quite eventful here at Baptist Haiti Mission.  It is safe to say there is hardly a dull moment on the mission.  We wanted to share with you some updates and pictures.  To begin, last week several of our guys at BHM received their nightly work out by unloading lumber trucks.  For safety purposes large trucks are not allowed to drive up the mountain roads during the day when schools are in session and when families and markets are out on the street.  For this reason our workers served late into the evening when the lumber trucks were able to drive up the mountain.

BHM works diligently to come alongside the local church and assist the communities of Haiti in a variety of ways.  A large way this is done is through construction projects.  Some of these projects include helping to build roofs on churches, schools, and homes.  We are always in need of lumber for the variety of projects that are to be done on a regular basis.  BHM does not only seek to meet the physical needs of families in Haiti but the educational needs as well.

We have had almost 60 students in attendance for this week's Master of Education course.  The topic of this week's class is educational research.  For many of the students this is their final course before they receive their Master of Education degree.  The students in this class have taken 10 courses already and completed their thesis/project or they have taken 12 courses and are now able to finish the program.  The students have worked very diligently over the past four years and we are proud of their achievements.  We look forward to seeing all the Lord has in store for these educational leaders of Haiti.

Yesterday BHM was able to meet with another group of leaders in Haiti.

Overseeing Pastors from the different regions of Haiti traveled to BHM for a meeting.  This gathering allowed Pastors to share needs and provide updates to the National Church Office and BHM.  It was a very informative time and the Pastors left in high spirits.  Many of the Pastors shared about events their churches held last Thursday in memory of the earthquake of 2010.  We love walking alongside the church of Haiti.

We have had the opportunity to welcome several visitors from the U.S. to the mission over the past several days as well.  Cliff VanKoevering, a board member of BHM along with John Bredeweg came and did a great deal of mechanical work on several of our vehicles on the mission.  We are so thankful for their hard work this week.  They repaired a number of vehicles and we know we will continue to have a need for them in the future.

As you can see everything is in full swing here at BHM.  We eagerly anticipate all that is in store in the upcoming months of 2012.  Pray for strength and endurance over the next several months as we continue to have visitors, conferences, and variety of tasks.  It is a joy to be a part of the work of our great God.

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